4 Chicago Fire Moments Fans Think Went Completely Wrong: Here’s What They Would Change

4 Chicago Fire Moments Fans Think Went Completely Wrong: Here’s What They Would Change


With so many stories introduced over 11 seasons, it is obvious that not all of them were good.

The Chicago Fire TV series has introduced viewers to countless storylines throughout its 11-season run, most of which have been genuinely compelling and interesting to watch.

But of course, with such a large number of storylines, not all of them have left fans satisfied and wishing for some events to go in a completely different direction.

Blake and Violet

Many feel that the relationship between Blake Gallo, portrayed by Alberto Rosende, and Violet Mikami, played by Hanako Greensmith, was completely forced and unnecessary.

They say that Violet was presented as a mature and competitive character, and that it would have been more logical to keep their relationship in a “brother and sister” manner instead of reducing her to an almost teenage girl for the entirety of the storyline.

And even when they inevitably broke up, it was really weird to see them together in a firehouse.

Sylvie Brett

Another underwhelming storyline was Sylvie Brett’s adoption arc, as it could have been much more realistic with Brett realizing over time that she wants to be a mother as she gets older.

Instant recoveries

Some also wish that the recovery process for characters who have suffered injuries would take more time and be more realistic, as it lowers the stakes a bit when they are completely fine in the next episode.

Kelly and Leslie

Another rather controversial opinion of some viewers is that Kelly Severide and Leslie Shay should have been married instead of Shay being a lesbian.

Some fans feel that this would have made Severide’s arc more believable, with Shay’s fate hitting Kelly hard and him sleeping with women left and right as a coping mechanism for his trauma.

Of course, it is now too late to change these storylines, so fans can only hope that future ones will be satisfying.

Chicago Fire has already been renewed for season 12, though no release date has been announced.

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