3 Heartbreaking Blue Bloods Scenes That Shatter Our Hearts Every Time We Binge

Blue Bloods, have mercy.

Blue Bloods is considered to be one of the most popular police shows of our time. Almost every episode of every season has something that definitely makes fans either gasp in fear or shed a tear during a stressful moment.

But throughout its 13 seasons, the show has actually managed to put the fans through a lot. The show is indeed full of heartbreaking moments, but these three are definitely the saddest ones that shatter our hearts.

1. Jenny Strong

This is probably the episode that every Blue Bloods fan finds the most emotional and actually hard to rewatch. The season 6 episode is titled With Friends Like These, and it introduced a new character, Jenny Strong.

She is a really troubled young woman who was discovered by police partners Jamie and Eddie. They saw that she was unstable and tried to help her. During the episode, she attacked her father, and was nearly killed in the ensuing police intervention.

Later, the cops put her in a nursing home, only to find that she took her own life there. And if you didn’t cry, do you even have a heart?

2. What’s a mother to do?

Blue Bloods’ writers definitely know how to make fans suffer, as they include really sad and traumatizing plot twists into the show. One such twist happened in season 3 episode The Bitter End, where we all had to witness an actual parenting tragedy.

The episode is about a criminal gang, and more specifically, the wife of one of the gang’s members, Noni, who wants to stop being a part of the group. To prevent her baby from becoming a gang member when he grows up, Noni does the most unimaginable thing to her infant child.

In that episode Noni jumps from the roof holding her baby. And that scene is one of the show’s most brutal moments.

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3. Innocence

Season 2 has an episode with a title like that, which tells a story of a man, Miles Thomas, wrongly accused of the assault of two teenage girls. Frank Reagan worked on this case nearly 20 years ago, and now had to face the consequences of his actions.

It turns out that this man has been behind bars for the last 18 years for a crime he did not commit. The episode is truly emotional as fans witness not only Thomas’ unfortunate fate, but also the spectrum of emotions Reagan had to deal with, as he was the one who made the arrest, and now has to bear the guilt of the wrongful conviction.

3 Heartbreaking Blue Bloods Scenes That Shatter Our Hearts Every Time We Binge - image 2
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