Blue Bloods: Danny’s Body Count is Actually Shocking If You Think About It

There should be a Danny Reagan character introduced in all shooting games.

There are many reasons to love Blue Bloods. But one particular aspect of the show is actually bothering fans for many years now.

Reddit is actually full of people trying to count the actual number of people killed by Danny Reagan throughout 13 seasons. And it’s actually not an easy task, considering the fact that there are shootings, and people die from his gun almost every episode.

Some fans claim that Danny is “trigger-happy.” However, most people find a way to justify his actions. They just claim that the show does a perfect job setting up situations in which he has no choice but to pull the trigger.

“They need interesting situations to drive drama and that involves the very limited number of characters being put into unrealistic situations more than any one person ever would be. And Danny being the main cop/detective is the one who is placed into those situations. How boring a show would be if there were way fewer incidents to drive the story, or if Danny had to “complete the appropriate paperwork” after each incident?” Redditor ghostwriter623 said.

In one of the episodes, Danny Reagan kills 14 people. And that’s all by himself. Still, now it seems like Danny has calmed down a bit, but in earlier seasons he was always in favor of a good old shooting.

“It has become a running joke for me after a while. The dude has killed more as a cop than he did in a warzone when he was a Marine, I am sure. I will say in the last couple of years he doesn’t seem as gun happy,” Redditor xman1971 said.

While he’s not the only Reagan who uses a gun on the job, his kill count is probably 70% of the entire family’s. But there’s nothing he can do about it. It comes with being the best detective in town.

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