‘Yellowstone: 1944’ Is Not the Only Show Coming From Taylor Sheridan in 2023

‘Yellowstone: 1944’ Is Not the Only Show Coming From Taylor Sheridan in 2023

Taylor Sheridan is going to be a busy man in 2023. Along with working on several Yellowstone projects, including the highly anticipated 1944, the showrunner is set to release a slew of TV shows this year – all of which feature some of Hollywood’s best stars. 

From 1883: The Bass Reeves Story to Land Man and Lioness, here’s everything Sheridan is slated to release in 2023, plus a closer look at Yellowstone: 1944.

All of the shows Taylor Sheridan is releasing in 2023

Following the success of Yellowstone and its prequels, it’s clear that Paramount is ready to invest in Sheridan’s work in a big way. After all, his crime drama Tulsa King proves that he can be successful outside of the Yellowstone universe. 

With that in mind, one of Sheridan’s most-hyped series is 1883: The Bass Reeves Story. The spinoff features David Oleyowo as a frontier hero in Indigenous American territory who caught over 2,000 fugitives without getting seriously injured. 

Sheridan is also working on a show called Land Man. The series will star Billy Bob Thornton as manager who works for an oil company. The show, which promises to be a dramatic political ride, is set in Texas and it is still unclear if it is related to Yellowstone in any way. 

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Another one of Sheridan’s upcoming projects focuses on a CIA recruit called Lioness. Laysla De Oliveira is set to play the main character, who is a former marine tasked by the CIA to hunt terrorists. The project is still in development and isn’t expected until late in 2023.

A closer look at ‘Yellowstone: 1944’

While Sheridan is clearly busy with numerous projects, he is also working on a few Yellowstone prequels. This includes the upcoming 1944, which Paramount recently confirmed is underway. 

Producers have not revealed details about the plot of 1944, but it is safe to deduce that the series will explore the impact of World War II on the Duttons. Exactly what this means for the characters is yet to be seen, but there is a chance a few of them get shipped off to war. 

We also know that the series will begin production in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, which is the same location as Chief Joseph Ranch. A filming date has not been announced, so it is possible the series will premiere sometime in 2024.

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Paramount has not said anything about casting for the series, but Yellowstone fans are expecting a big name to be attached to the project. The rumor mill has Matthew McConaughey as a potential star, though nothing official has been announced. 

Paramount will release four ‘Yellowstone’ shows from Taylor Sheridan in 2023

In total, Sheridan is working on four different shows related to Yellowstone this year. That includes a sophomore season of 19231883: The Bass Reeves Story, season 5 of Yellowstone, and another new spinoff called 6666.

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While Sheridan has a lot of things planned for the franchise, he is also dealing with the rumored exit of Kevin Costner. Reports suggest that Costner might be leaving the series due to scheduling conflicts. Despite the drama, fans can rest assured knowing that there are plenty of shows in works to look forward to. 

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