Why Kim Richards Might Return To RHOBH After Lisa Rinna’s Exit

Fans want to see several housewives return for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13, but one former cast member whose chances have risen with Lisa Rinna’s exit is Kim Richards. She is Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton’s sister, and was an OG housewife (alongside Kyle) when RHOBH debuted in 2010. She held a diamond until season 5, although she continued to appear in smaller roles through season 10. While Kim had her fair share of conflicts as a housewife, her biggest and most memorable battle was against Lisa, who joined the series with Eileen Davidson in 2014.


In light of the personal problems that she was dealing with, and Lisa’s constant feuds with other housewives, Kim’s exit was understandable. However, it left many RHOBH fans who weren’t fans of Lisa upset. After eight years, however, some viewers’ wishes have finally come true, as Lisa announced that she won’t return for RHOBH season 13 on January 5. Although a specific reason wasn’t given, Lisa’s outlandish behavior and public feud with Kathy was intensely criticized. She got shade months before RHOBH season 12 even premiered in May 2022. Lisa was eventually booed at BravoCon in October. While fans have begged other former housewives like Lisa Vanderpump to return to the series, her departure may give Kim the ammo she needs to reclaim her title as a quirky yet quick-witted cast member.

Kim Richards Has Turned Her Life Around Since RHOBH

Although Lisa and Kim’s iconic Amsterdam fight provided some serious entertainment to viewers, Kim’s early years as a housewife were marred by her battle with alcoholism, which Kyle infamously revealed on the RHOBH season 1 finale. While a full-time housewife on RHOBH, Kim was constantly scrutinized by Kyle and her cast mates. She was accused of being under the influence on-camera, and was even arrested for shoplifting.

Since then, Kim has embraced the role of “grandma,” and remained sober for several years. Now, she generally lives her best life. Kim’s return to RHOBH would be a great full circle moment for longtime Real Housewives fans, and would allow Kim to redeem herself as a top-tier housewife, following multiple guest appearances.

Andy Cohen Personally Asked Kim Richards To Rejoin RHOBH

While fans would love to see Kim return to RHOBH, the former housewife publicly weighed her options throughout 2022, after reunion host and executive producer Andy Cohen called Kim to ask about a potential comeback. Kim told E! News last July (in the midst of RHOBH season 12) that she didn’t give Andy a straight answer during their conversation, but revealed that she would consider being a housewife again, with stipulations in place. “I’ve worked hard to love and respect myself today, so if I go back, I just have to feel that respect again,” Kim explained. Luckily for her, she could probably gain that respect back on RHOBH season 13, without Lisa there, rehashing the past.

Since the popular Real Housewives series is officially on pause after the criticism that surrounded RHOBH season 12, it’s still too early to tell who will ultimately take Lisa’s diamond. While fans want Kathy to permanently replace Lisa, Kim could easily reprise her role, by replacing Diana Jenkins, who announced her exit on January 9, due to her pregnancy. Despite all the drama the three sisters have been through with each other over the years, especially after Kathy and Lisa’s feud on RHOBH season 12, Kyle, Kathy, and Kim appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 would be an immediate game-changer.

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