Station 19: would be a big loss for the movie.

Station 19: would be a big loss for the movie.


The promo video for Station 19, season 6, episode 16 hints that Chief Ross might be leaving her position, but this would be a big loss for the series.

Since her first appearance in Station 19 season 5, Chief Natasha Ross has been an integral part of the series, and losing her character at the end of season 6 would be a devastating blow. In Station 19 season 6, episode 15, Ross revealed her relationship with Sullivan to the fire union after Dixon threatened to blackmail them. While Ross gave a convincing argument to keep her job, the promo video for season 6, episode 16, showed Ross planning to leave her position. With Station 19 season 6 coming to a close, it would be a great loss not to have Ross return as chief.

Station 19 was recently renewed for season 7, and Ross should remain as chief when it premieres. Station 19 has just two episodes left in season 6, and Ross potentially leaving the Seattle Fire Department will likely be a significant storyline in both, but the finale should include Ross staying and keeping her job. Before Ross joining Station 19 in season 5, there were three other fire chiefs on the show. Compared to the chiefs that succeeded Ripley after his death in season 2, Ross is clearly one of the best chiefs Station 19 has seen.

Ross Provides Important Representation To Station 19

Merle Dandridge As Chief Natasha Ross In Station 19

Beyond being a great fire chief, Natasha Ross was also the first female chief in Station 19, as well as the first chief of color. Ross’s actress, Merle Dandridge, is Japanese, Korean, and African American. This has provided important representation to Station 19, which has always been a diverse show. However, having a woman of color like Ross in the highest possible rank in the fire department was a welcome change in the series. Ross’s identity also has played a part in her support of Crisis One and calling out the police department, which led to a rivalry with Dixon that might eventually cost Ross her job.

Ross Keeping Her Job Would Finally Break Station 19’s Double Standard

Pat Healy As Dixon & Merle Dandridge As Chief Ross In Station 19

As Ross pointed out in her meeting with the union in Station 19, season 6, episode 15, there is a sexist double standard in the fire department. Despite Dixon being exposed as corrupt, he was still able to get a job with the police department and is currently running for mayor. On the other hand, Maya was demoted from captain after going against protocol to save a life, and her replacement, Beckett, has been allowed to keep his job despite his substance abuse putting lives in danger. Ross keeping her job in Station 19 would finally break the department’s misogynistic double standard.

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