FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 Loses Another Actor After Their Season 4 Arc

One actor from FBI: Most Wanted is departing the CBS drama series in a surprising move, even though their character hasn’t been written off.

One actor from FBI: Most Wanted is exiting the series, even though their character hasn’t been written off. The franchise which is co-created by Law & Order mastermind Dick Wolf and Craig Turk has been going strong for CBS. The original FBI series, which first premiered in 2018, has led to the spinoffs FBI: International and FBI: Most Wanted. Over the years, the trio of law enforcement dramas has experienced significant cast changes.

Another shift in the ensemble of FBI: Most Wanted has now been confirmed, as Deadline confirms that Alexa Davalos will not be returning to the series. The actor, who has played Special Agent Kristin Gaines since season 3, was told by a producer that she would not be coming back after filming her last scenes in FBI: Most Wanted‘s season 4. According to the reporting, Davalos’ exit has been described by multiple sources as “amicable.” Within the show, there was no hint that Davalos would be departing her role as Gaines.

Alexa Davalos Joins Other Recent FBI Exits

The cast of FBI at a crime scene all in FBI gear

The CBS franchise is no stranger to big exits, as FBI has changed several actors over the year. Kellan Lutz, who is known for his Emmett Cullen in the Twilight franchise, and who was part of the original FBI: Most Wanted cast, left after three seasons. His character, FBI Special Agent Kenny Crosby, takes a step back and was replaced by Gaines. The spinoff also lost Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck, Charmed) who played the lead character of Jess LaCroix. The character has a shocking exit, and is replaced by veteran actor Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott.

Davalos is not the first cast member to be written out of FBI: Most Wanted between seasons. Nathaniel Arcand, who portrayed Clinton Skye, was farewelled by getting a special assignment, though his exit wasn’t officially announced until the break before new episodes. And although procedurals like FBI are heavily reliant on case-of-the-week elements, the ensemble churn can be harmful to its storytelling potential.

Fellow procedurals like Criminal Minds and even Law & Order itself have gained the benefit of getting the audience to invest in its long-term characters that have been there for many seasons. By frequently switching team members and adding new actors, the FBI franchise robs itself of the full benefits of continuity that have led to popular favorites like Law & Order‘s Olivia Benson or Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds.

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