Station 19 Season 6 Finale Needs Sully & Natasha To Go Their Separate Ways

Sully & Natasha’s feelings were established as soon as she became chief, but their relationship only brings them pain in Station 19, season 6.

Robert and Natasha’s relationship went through highs and lows since its inception in Station 19 season 5, with its discovery by the FD union marking the moment Sully and Natasha stopped talking to each other. While their past in the military created a compelling backstory, Sully and Natasha openly exploring a romantic relationship in Seattle was always off-limits due to their careers within the fire department. Of course, that didn’t stop them from pursuing a secret relationship, but it came with its fair share of problems due to the secrecy and conflicting priorities.

Chief Ross choosing to come clean with the FD union before Michael Dixon could make good on his threat to expose her gave her a fighting chance at potentially remaining as chief, but it also alienated Sully. While their relationship becoming public knowledge inside the fire department made many doubt the fairness of Sullivan’s promotion to lieutenant, his reaction to Natasha’s choice eventually put more distance between them. Station 19 season 6 finale’s promo showed Natasha still trying to salvage their relationship by appealing to Sully, but such a development would be inconsistent with the many choices both Sully and Natasha made that routinely hurt their relationship.

Sully Only Sees His Side About The Relationship

Boris Kodjoe as Robert Sullivan in Station 19 season 6 episode 17

Sully was restless about the lack of progression in his career, and he clearly attributed it to Natasha even before she came clean with the FD union. He intentionally went behind Natasha’s back in Station 19, season 6, episode 14, by applying for a battalion chief position in another city, knowing that Chief Ross would have known about his move from someone else. Although Natasha went to the FD union without consulting Sully, she did try. Even if she didn’t, it wouldn’t have been too different from how Sully and Natasha behaved when it concerned work, as they both rarely included the other in their decisions.

Despite the mistakes of both, Sully proved to be able to only see his perspective in Station 19, season 6, episode 17. His heart-to-heart with Andy, where she accused him of idealizing their relationship, proved that Sully was still only seeing his side, sticking to the idea of what the beginning of a relationship should look like instead of talking about their problems with Natasha. Instead, Natasha tried to figure out the best path for her to handle her career and save their relationship, despite facing only silence from Sully, even if they theoretically were still in a relationship they supposedly cherished.

Sully & Natasha’s Relationship Meant Drama From Day 1

Boris Kodjoe as Robert Sullivan and Merle Dandridge as Natasha Ross in Station 19 season 5 episode 11

While Robert and Natasha clearly had feelings for each other already in Station 19, season 5, Natasha was always hesitant because she knew it could have only happened in secret, thus canceling any possibility of it being easy and carefree. Despite both seemingly agreeing to continue dating secretly, Sully still pushed for it to be slightly more in the open, even if one of their first dates almost had Beckett discover their arrangement. Between the stress of having to meet in secret and Sully’s discontent with how their relationship affected his career, Sully and Natasha being unable to live their relationship openly only caused them problems from the beginning.

Sully’s refusal to talk to Natasha after the events of Station 19, season 6, episode 15 made it clear that their relationship only brought pain to both. While Sully continued to ruminate about Natasha, and she tried to make the best career choices while keeping him in mind, the lack of communication essentially destroyed any semblance of a relationship between them. If Station 19 season 6’s finale were to bring Natasha and Sully back together, it wouldn’t really be in their best interests, nor would it follow the chain of events that brought them to this detrimental situation.

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