Chicago Fire’s Most Controversial Character: Does Stella Really Deserve All The Hate?

Why do we hate the ones we hate?

Chicago Fire is a show with a wide variety of characters coming and going.

Of course, it has its main cast that is supposed to stay the same, but the show’s writers are still okay with occasionally killing off even some of the main characters.

So while the departed characters still get love from the fans, unfortunately there are remaining characters in the show that get nothing but hate. Well, we may be exaggerating, but only a little.

Because the number of Reddit threads with titles like “I hate Stella!” are more common than the ones professing love to her.

So why do fans of the show hate Stella Kidd? This is actually a common question among Redditors. The answers vary, but in general they all come to the same conclusion: she is just too perfect! And that seems to be hard for fans to deal with.

Viewers also find it exhausting that she gets so much screen time when there are many other less perfect characters that fans feel deserve that time as well.

A large part of the fandom seems to resent her for the same things that other fans adore her for.

But really, what’s not to love?

“People are so mean to her. I don’t always agree with her approach to certain situations but at no point do I think she deserves the hate people give her. I know she’s married to the show’s favorite heartthrob but give it a rest.

She’s a good person who does her best to do good for others. There’s literally no reason for her to be treated the way she is,” Redditor FlimsyManagement said.

Well, this could be a really long discussion, since Stella is actually one of the most famous characters in the series.

So maybe just try to be nicer to her? And remember, it’s not her fault that the writers saw her that way.

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