3 Craziest Fan Theories About Chicago Fire S12, Ranked

There’s nothing left to do but fantasize a little.

Chicago Fire season 12 premiere date is still up in the air as the writers’ strike continues, but that’s not stopping theories about upcoming episodes of the NBC series from flying thick and fast.

Especially since season 11 ended with a bunch of cliffhangers. So it’s only natural to be curious about what’s in store for the characters (and us, too).

So here are the most anticipated revelations that a new season could bring us.

1. What’s the deal with the proposal?

Season 11 left fans wondering about the future of Casey and Brett. With Casey proposing to her literally out of the blue at the end of the season, even without resolving all of their issues, it may seem like nothing good can possibly come out of this idea.

So it is highly likely that Sylvie would be inclined to say no to this tempting question. And that would be fair. Who in the world pops the question before cleaning up the mess of a broken relationship?


2. End of Carver and Kidd era (if there’s even been one)

Well, that’s the theory that the majority of fans want to come true in Chicago Fire season 12. Yes, Sam and Stella really did share a whiff of chemistry. But there was never hope for them to become something serious.

We all know that Kidd’s whole character is partly there for Severide. And in this case, hope for those two to be an endgame never left the agenda. The last time we saw Stella, she was completely obsessed with getting her husband back to Chicago and fixing their marriage.

Carver was never a viable romantic option for her, and the sooner he accepts that, the better.


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3. Maybe try Carver and Violet then?

This theory becomes possible if the previous one succeeds. Violet Mikami might be a terrific love interest for Carver in Chicago Fire season 12. And what’s great is the fact that she’s single, unlike Stella, so here’s to fewer headaches.

What’s more, fans noticed a couple of moments in season 11 when Violet’s eyes lingered on Carver a little too long for just a friendly exchange.

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