Chicago Fire’s Jesse Spencer Was Once Engaged To One Of His Co-Stars

Starring in hit television series like “House” and “Chicago Fire,” Jesse Spencer has made a significant mark in the industry as a consistent actor. His dedication to both of the long-running shows that put him on the map has kept him in the sights and hearts of fans for well over a decade. After all that time, it makes perfect sense that he ended up dating one of his co-stars along the way.

An Australian native, Spencer was actually a teen heartthrob in the soap “Neighbors,” an excellent start to his career in dramatic, charisma-driven roles. He called it quits after 461 episodes, according to his IMDb, and was cast in 2003’s “Uptown Girls.” The actor was clearly on the right path as his next opportunity was playing Dr. Robert Chase alongside Hugh Laurie in “House.”

Quickly becoming a fan-favorite, he was catapulted to new levels of fame and success in America, per Hello! Magazine. This is when Spencer’s love life became the center of attention.

Sometimes the romance is best left for TV

Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison smiling

The hit series “House” gave fans drama, quick-witted dialogue, anxiety-inducing emergencies, and a good deal of love interests over its eight-season run. For Jesse Spencer, striking up an on-screen romance with co-star Jennifer Morrison wasn’t much of a stretch. The two met in 2004 filming the “House” pilot, according to PopSugar, and getting comfortable with the rest of the memorable ensemble.

After a few months of filming, the actors started dating, and in 2006, Spencer delivered a Christmas-in-Paris proposal, Eiffel Tower and all, per Hello! Magazine. The enchanting love story fell short of the wedding day, however. August 2007 brought about an announcement from the couple calling off the engagement. The statement to People explained, “After much consideration, we have decided not to get married … We are still very close, and we look forward to continuing to work together on House.”

They carried on their on-screen relationship as friends, with Allison and Robert marrying and divorcing throughout the show’s arc. Morrison left “House” in 2010 — not the only time she departed from a successful series — and Spencer stuck with the series until its final season two years later. The co-stars have never delved into the specifics of ending their relationship, but seemed happy to move forward with new opportunities.

Jesse Spencer had his special day in the end

Jesse Spencer and Kali Woodruff Carr smiling

Jesse Spencer’s relationship with Jennifer Morrison was the talk of the town back then, but what about today? It seems like there is joyous news for the actor. In 2012, Spencer spoke with Time Out about finding relief away from the reporting on his relationship with Morrison: “All of my girlfriends have been actors, and I’ve realized that maybe it’s not for me—and find something else outside of the industry.” This is exactly what would end up working out for the “Chicago Fire” star when finding love two years later.

Spencer met Kali Woodruff Carr in Chicago and the two dated for about five years before getting engaged in 2019. COVID-19 disrupted their ease in wedding plans, but according to Distractify, the couple eventually tied the knot with an “intimate ceremony” in Florida. Carr works at Northwestern University and holds a PhD in developmental cognitive neuroscience. Impressed? So is her husband! Spencer celebrated his wife’s accomplishment of completing her PhD on Twitter by saying he “married up,” complete with the smiling face with hearts emoji. This is definitely a happy ending for Dr. Robert Chase.

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