Chicago Fire: Carver’s Love Life Heats Up as Severide Exits — and the New Romance May Be Problematic

Chicago Fire: Carver’s Love Life Heats Up as Severide Exits — and the New Romance May Be Problematic

Chicago Fire is finally back on Wednesday, February 15, after a delay preventing the series from returning on Wednesday, February 8 as planned and the question on everyone’s mind is: “How and when will Kelly Severide be written out?”

Viewers will recall that news broke back in January that Taylor Kinney would be taking a leave of absence from his role as Severide to handle a personal matter.

We expect a swerve in the scripts for upcoming episodes to send the character on his way and explain his extended absence, which won’t be easy.

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When Jesse Spencer left the series as Matt Casey, it was plausible that he’d relocate to Portland despite his burgeoning relationship with Sylvie Brett, but Severide is married to Stella Kidd, so it’s hard to imagine what would cause him to choose to leave her willingly.

This makes us wonder if something will happen that will force Kelly’s hand… or if something sinister will go down that takes him away against his will.

Previews for season 11 episode 13 tease that Kelly, Sylvie, and Violet will work together to save the life of a man who winds up with an arrow through his neck at an archery range and that the victim will later become extremely determined to track down his rescuers to thank them. This doesn’t sound menacing, but if it takes a turn for the stalker-ish, it could lead to trouble, perhaps for Severide in particular.

On the other hand, a sneak peek photo shows Severide in a photo with Captain Tom Van Meter in which he may be receiving unexpected or disturbing news. Could this be the lead-up to his exit?

Chicago Fire Season 11 Spoilers: How and When Will Kelly Severide Exit? |

As we await answers on how and when Kelly will depart, news comes that another firefighter will see his love life heat up in Severide’s absence. Yep, it’s relative newcomer, Jake Carver.

Our sister publication, TV Insider, has learned that Carver “will definitely have upcoming love interests” and as EP and co-showrunner Andrea Newman revealed, this includes “one who is a very familiar face at 51”.

We can’t help but worry that it might be the extremely problematic Emma Jacobs, who had it in for Violet, which — needless to say — would cause an uproar at the firehouse.

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Of course, a “very familiar face” could mean another one of the firehouse or paramedics who have passed through the firehouse over the seasons, someone from Chicago PD or Chicago Med, or even one of Firehouse 51’s very own, such as Sylvie or Violet . We’ll have to wait and see.

How do you think Severide will be written off? Who do you think Carver will romance? Let us know in the comment section below and tune in to Chicago Fire on NBC this Wednesday, February 15 at 9:00 PM ET to find out more.

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