Why Blue Bloods’ Tom Selleck Didn’t Want Larry Manetti To Guest Star At First

Why Blue Bloods’ Tom Selleck Didn’t Want Larry Manetti To Guest Star At First

Blue Bloods is a popular police procedural drama series that premiered on CBS on September 24, 2010. The show follows the life and work of the Reagan family, members of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) who are dedicated to law enforcement, moral values, and family bonds. The Reagan family is led by Frank Reagan, portrayed by Tom Selleck, who is the Police Commissioner of the NYPD. Blue Bloods has been promoted for its well-written plot, strong performances, and accurate portrayal of law enforcement.

Larry Manetti, best known for playing Rick Wright on the TV series Magnum, P.I., is also a close friend of Tom Selleck. Selleck and Manetti worked together on Magnum, P.I. for eight seasons. When Selleck was offered the role of Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods, he requested that Larry Manetti be brought on as a guest star. However, to Selleck’s surprise, he found himself wanting to rescind that request.

There were several reasons why Tom Selleck didn’t want Larry Manetti to guest star on Blue Bloods at first. One reason was that Selleck wanted the show to stand on its own without any association to his past TV projects. Selleck was aware that many of his fans would watch Blue Bloods because of him and that they might expect to see some of his Magnum, P.I. co-stars. Selleck didn’t want his previous work to overshadow his new project, so he preferred to distance himself from Magnum, P.I. and focus on building the world of Blue Bloods.

Tom Selleck Reunites with Magnum P.I. Costar on Blue Bloods

Another reason why Selleck hesitated to have Manetti on the show was that he wanted to give the new cast members the chance to shine. Selleck recognized that Blue Bloods was not just about him, but also about the ensemble cast and their interaction with one another. He wanted the show to work as a team and not be overshadowed by the guest appearances of his former colleagues. Selleck believed that adding Manetti to the cast may take away from the chemistry of the current team.

Furthermore, Selleck wanted to make sure that the show didn’t become too gimmicky. He wanted the stories on Blue Bloods to feel real and grounded in reality. Selleck was worried that having Manetti as a guest would not be taken seriously by audiences, and the show would appear to be using his appearance as a gimmick to boost ratings. Selleck took pride in Blue Bloods and the work he and others put into the show, and he didn’t want it to be reduced to a marketing strategy.

Finally, it is important to note that Blue Bloods is a unique show in the sense that it focuses on family dynamics in addition to police work. Selleck believed that bringing Manetti on as a guest star could potentially diminish the series’ exploration of the relationships between the Reagan family members. Selleck thought that focusing on guest-star cameos could threaten the depth and authenticity of the show’s storytelling.

Despite Selleck’s initial hesitation, Larry Manetti eventually appeared on Blue Bloods in season two, guest-starring as the character Peter Conti, a retired detective. Selleck’s concerns were not unfounded, as some critics pointed out that Manetti’s character did not mesh well with the rest of the show. However, the episode in which Manetti appeared was well-received by fans of both Blue Bloods and Magnum, P.I.

In conclusion, Tom Selleck’s hesitance to have Larry Manetti guest star on Blue Bloods at first stemmed from his desire for the show to stand on its own, without the association to his previous works. Selleck also wanted to ensure that the new cast members had the opportunity to shine and that the show did not rely on gimmicks to boost ratings. Despite his concerns, Selleck eventually welcomed Manetti on the show, and the episode in which he appeared well-received. Selleck’s initial reluctance may have been understood, but in the end, he trusted his instincts and allowed Manetti to make his mark on Blue Bloods.

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