Which Blue Bloods Character Would Be Your Perfect Partner?

Let’s talk relationships, shall we?

Whether you’re the rule-abiding type, a moral compass, or just someone looking for a partner who can match your emotional depth, “Blue Bloods ” has got a character for everyone.

Here’s to finding out which “Blue Bloods” character would make your perfect match.

1. Danny Reagan

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Danny is the older son of the police commissioner Frank Reagan, portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg. This guy is a seasoned detective with the NYPD, and he isn’t one to back down from a challenge. If you’re into the strong, silent type, Danny’s your man. He’s been through it all: from losing his wife Linda in a helicopter crash to raising two kids as a single dad. He can be intense and push boundaries to get confessions, but it’s all to seek justice. If you’re a fan of Danny, you probably have a fierce sense of loyalty and an inclination for following your gut instincts. You can handle tough situations, but just like Danny, you may need to take a step back and breathe sometimes.

2. Erin Reagan

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Bridget Moynahan brings life to Erin, the Assistant District Attorney and the only daughter in the Reagan family. Erin juggles work, motherhood, and often finds herself as the moral compass among her brothers. She’s got a strong sense of justice and isn’t afraid to go up against her family if it means doing what’s right. Erin focuses on prosecuting criminals and bringing them to justice. If Erin is your favorite, you value integrity above all. You strive for balance and fairness, not just in your personal life, but in the broader scope of society. But watch out, that strong moral code could sometimes put you at odds with those closest to you.

3. Jamie Reagan

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Will Estes portrays Jamie, the youngest of the Reagan siblings. Originally, he had no plans to join the police force and was studying law. But following his brother Joe’s death, Jamie decides to put on the blue uniform. He’s the “by-the-book” cop who takes his job seriously, but not so seriously that he can’t enjoy some moments of levity. Jamie eventually gets promoted and marries his partner, Eddie. If Jamie is your go-to guy, you’re likely someone who enjoys stability but isn’t afraid to take a calculated risk when it matters. You’re dependable and considerate, but you also value the rules and like when things go according to plan.

4. Frank Reagan

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Tom Selleck, with that iconic mustache, plays Frank Reagan, the family patriarch and New York City Police Commissioner. This guy’s got a boatload of responsibilities, from handling citywide crises to dealing with internal affairs. He’s got a calm, wise demeanor that makes him excellent at his job and equally great at dishing out life advice. If you’re drawn to Frank, you’re most likely mature and crave stability in your relationships. You look for wisdom and want someone who can guide you when the chips are down. That being said, you might also be a little stubborn about asking for help. Sound familiar?

5. Eddie Janko

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Played by Vanessa Ray, Eddie Janko is a police officer who later becomes Jamie Reagan’s partner and wife. She’s tough as nails, sassy, and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Eddie comes from a troubled family, giving her a different perspective from the rest of the Reagan clan. She’s someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty, be it helping a young girl find her mom or looking out for Jamie when he’s in over his head. If you find yourself connecting with Eddie, chances are you’re someone who values independence and emotional strength. You’ve probably faced adversity but refuse to let it define you. You’re looking for a partner who respects your autonomy while also being there to catch you when you fall.

6. Henry Reagan

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Len Cariou plays Henry, or “Pop” as he’s fondly called, the family’s grandfather and a retired police commissioner. Henry’s a traditionalist but always offers invaluable life lessons to his grandchildren. He provides an old-school moral compass for the family and often gives advice during their famous dinner scenes. If Henry’s your fave, you likely appreciate the simple things in life and value wisdom that comes from experience. You might be into nostalgia and are looking for someone who can provide emotional security and timeless advice.

7. Linda Reagan

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Before her tragic death, Linda Reagan, portrayed by Amy Carlson, was the backbone of the Reagan family. As a nurse and Danny’s wife, she brought a completely different perspective to the dinner table. She juggled her career and family with aplomb, often putting her foot down when Danny’s job put too much strain on their family. A genuinely compassionate person, Linda wasn’t directly involved in the law enforcement world but fully understood its highs and lows. If you feel connected to Linda, you’re likely a natural caretaker who thrives in stable, loving environments. You want a partner who appreciates your nurturing nature but also knows when to give you space to breathe.

8. Joe Reagan

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The mysterious and late Joe Reagan isn’t physically present in the series but looms large in the Reagan family’s history. He was an investigator with the NYPD, working to expose corrupt cops, which ultimately led to his untimely death. Joe’s legacy is often explored, and it’s clear that he was deeply committed to justice. If you find yourself intrigued by Joe, you’re likely someone who values mystery and depth in a partner. You’re also probably very focused on your own sense of morality and value relationships where mutual respect is a given.

9. Nicky Reagan-Boyle

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Nicky Reagan-Boyle, Erin’s daughter, is played by Sami Gayle. She’s the youngest Reagan and a bit of a rebel compared to her family. Nicky initially aspires to follow in her family’s law enforcement footsteps, but later shifts her focus towards law and social justice. She’s a millennial who challenges the older Reagans’ views but respects their wisdom. If Nicky’s your go-to, you’re likely open-minded and ready for a partner who encourages you to be yourself. You value personal growth and love a good debate, but ultimately, you’re looking for someone who understands your complexities without trying to box you in.

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