Uncover the Facts About Tom Selleck’s Rumored Departure From “Blue Bloods” by Clicking Here, Know the Truth

Uncover the Facts About Tom Selleck’s Rumored Departure From “Blue Bloods” by Clicking Here, Know the Truth

After more than one show (Law and Order: SVU) has killed off or developed off-screen storylines for some fan-favorite main characters SVU and Grey’s Anatomy, for example), it’s hard not to wonder how other popular TV shows would fare without their most prominent characters.

Specifically, if the rumors that Tom Selleck will leave Blue Bloods are true, fans cannot help but wonder what will happen to the show. Fans noticed advertisements in January promoting the actor’s exit from the show and, possibly, his complete retirement from acting. What we do know is:

Is Tom Selleck stepping down from Blue Bloods?

Tom Selleck, el actor que sobrevivió al fantasma de Magnum y hoy cultiva paltas en el campo - LA NACION

Fortunately, the website Snopes confirmed that the advertisements regarding Tom’s departure were fraudulent, adding: In addition, neither Selleck nor any other well-known group had made an official announcement that he was leaving Blue Bloods, nor had he delivered any final remarks before leaving the stage for good. Stories about when he might leave the series had been published in the past by a number of well-known blogs. The majority of those articles, however, were speculative.”

In addition, Tom himself appeared to discuss the show’s conclusion with PEOPLE, indicating that he hopes to continue playing Frank Reagan for as long as the show airs.

He stated to the publication in May 2020, “I don’t think there is an endpoint.” I think there is a ton of life in the show, as long as you let your characters become and age.”

Tom acknowledged that, in addition to the show’s potential for expansion, some of his most treasured time on set is spent with his fellow actors.

Tom stated to PEOPLE, “Our dinner party scenes are like a reunion of friends.” The directors sometimes have a hard time getting us to focus. We do the work, and we do it well. However, we are also having fun and catching up with each other. Our situation is truly fortunate.

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