Station 19 TV Show on ABC: Season Seven Viewer Votes

Station 19 TV Show on ABC: Season Seven Viewer Votes

Finding Trouble - tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 14

It’s already bad enough those rape kits will sit in evidence rooms collecting dust too many times to count, but because untrained cops can say they aren’t prepared for this like hospitals are, any shot of justice or control gets washed down the drain when a victim isn’t walked through all the steps.

Like so many aspects of this hour, each scene was more powerful than the next. The depiction of Andy taking the sexual assault kit was enough to give you chills.
One appreciated how Carina and Helm walked Andy through the process and informed her that they would ask her consent for each part of it. It’s an important part of that process, but Carina brilliantly explained why when she informed Andy that this is their way of giving it back after control was taken from her.

It was one of the most poignant lines of the installment.
In those moments, all the care, tenderness, and attention were directed toward Andy and making sure that she felt safe and as comfortable as possible.

And since we know the state Carina was in before that moment, it was more touching that she pushed through her own trauma and triggers to be the professional and friend that Andy needed.
Unfortunately, while sexual assault isn’t something that exclusively affects women, it’s an ever-present part of womanhood that, if you haven’t experienced it, you’re aware and afraid that you could.

Carina didn’t go into all the details, but it was heartbreaking to learn that she, too, is a sexual assault survivor. And worse yet, she still carries the complicated myriad of emotions that came with her not fighting back.

In a few seconds and a couple of lines, the shame she felt because of that was palpable, and you wanted to reach through the screen and hold her, remind her that she did nothing wrong.

And while she could’ve confided in other people during that brief moment, it worked out that it was Jack. Not only has their unique friendship become an appealing aspect of the season, but Jack has become a bit of a safe space.

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