Sanford and Son s01e07 – A Pad for Lamont

Sanford and Son s01e07 – A Pad for Lamont

Fed up with his father frustrating his love life, Lamont strikes out on his own and rents a swingin’ bachelor pad.


Fred busts up Lamont’s romantic date with girlfriend Darlene, causing Lamont to decide that it is time the he get a place of his own. Moving out, he finds that living on his own is no picnic either. First, he has trouble finding a date, then he has trouble with an intruding landlady. Meanwhile, Fred has a string of dates, mostly widows, coming through on a nightly basis. Lamont comes back home and, too prideful to admit what really happened, tells his father that he is moving back home because he was worried about him being home alone.

Did you know


The red poster over the bed in Lamont’s apartment reads “To Know Solitude is to Enjoy Freedom.”


When Lamont is at his bachelor pad and decides to call Joan, he dials 8 digits instead of 7.


Lamont Sanford: [At his new place, Lamont is going through his black book looking for someone to invite over, he’s on his third choice] Ah, Joyce. Call Joyce and rejoice! I’m calling Joyce.

[Pciks up the phone and dials her number, then into phone]

Lamont Sanford: Hello, can I speak to Joyce, please?

[pause, almost offended]

Lamont Sanford: Well, who’s this?

[pause, then shocked]

Lamont Sanford: Oh no! I didn’t know she was married! No! No no no no no no no! No messages! Never mind who’s calling!

[Hangs up]


Remake of Steptoe and Son: A Box in Town (1965)

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Lynn Hamilton as the Landlady

“A Pad for Lamont” opens with Lamont’s romantic evening with Darlene (Judyann Elder) grinding to a halt when Fred shares his movie viewing experience on television: “a scientist dug up a mummy 3000 years old, and he brought her back to life and fell in love with her!” The night of 3000 deaths ends in disgrace, with Lamont deciding to move out into an apartment for a little privacy. Not surprisingly when the cat’s away the mice will play, Fred inviting an old flame over, the widow Ernestine (Tangerine Sublett). Darlene finally manages to join Lamont, only for the fussy landlady (Lynn Hamilton) to bring this rendezvous to another premature end. It would only be three more episodes before Lynn Hamilton would be introduced as Fred’s longtime fiancée Donna Harris, a registered nurse.

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