‘NCIS: Los Angeles:’ Sam Hanna Gets a Terrifying Call and Agent Rountree Makes a Decision

‘NCIS: Los Angeles:’ Sam Hanna Gets a Terrifying Call and Agent Rountree Makes a Decision

This episode of NCIS: Los Angeles is a nail biter. Sam Hanna gets a scare after his son’s plane crashes. The NCIS LA team jumps in to help. Here’s what to expect next time on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Sam Hanna’s son is in a plane crash

During NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 4 (titled “Dead Stick”) Sam Hanna (played by LL Cool J) faces a terrifying situation after he learns his son’s plane went down. He had to be airlifted so he could receive medical attention.

What’s even worse is that Aiden is being accused of being at fault for the crash. Someone comes to the hospital to take his statement. The NCIS LA team steps in and tries to help clear Aiden’s name.

Agent Rountree makes a decision about his police stop

Agent Devin Rountree (played by Caleb Castille) talks to agent Fatima Namazi (played by Medalion Rahimi) about his traffic stop. Last season, Rountree was stopped by racist cops who roughed him and his sister up. Rountree asks Fatima if she thinks it would be “crazy” for him to push for more punishment for the officer who assaulted him.

Fatima says she stands by Rountree, and she doesn’t think it would be strange for him to recommend a harsher punishment for the officer. Rountree confessed he sometimes feels like walking away from the situation. However, this makes him feel “weak.” The stress has been weighing on him.

“I feel weak thinking that way,” says Rountree. Fatima reassures Rountree. “You are not weak, no matter what you decide,” she says. Rountree says his main concern is that he doesn’t want this to be what defines him as an agent. However, Fatima says he can’t choose how people sees him.

“Some of those LAPD cops have their minds made up, but if you fight this, so many other people are going to see something completely different,” says Fatima. “They’re going to see the same principled, incredibly brave person I do. Someone to emulate. Whatever you do, you’ve got to do for you, and only you,” says Fatima.

Sam gets a new caretaker for his father

Sam’s father has dementia, so he has a caretaker. However, the caretaker seems to be overwhelmed. During one episode, Sam’s father left the adult daycare with a woman. She called Sam to let him know his father left. This shouldn’t have happened under the caretaker’s watch. It was time for someone new to take over.

What happened last time on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 3 (titled “The Body Stitchers”), was quite gruesome. The team went on a mission to find a group that kills people, cuts up their bodies, and then sews the parts together to create a new body to display during freakish “art shows.”

At the end of the episode, Sam concludes that agent Collins, a member of the FBI team, is involved in the crimes. He appears to be the leader of the group.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles:’ Sam Hanna Gets a Terrifying Call and Agent Rountree Makes a Decision


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