NCIS Los Angeles’ Eric Christian Olsen unrecognisable as Smallville villain

NCIS Los Angeles fans wouldn’t recognise Eric Christian Olsen back in the day when he was in Smallville.

NCIS Los Angeles’ Marty Deeks actor Eric Christian Olsen appeared in Smallville and looked very different.

The CBS police procedural may be over after 14 seasons but the drama certainly left a lasting impression on fans.

From the very beginning, Marty Deeks (played by Eric Christian Olsen) was seen as one of, if not the most popular agent with the love for him growing after getting with Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah).

And viewers still look back fondly on the couple’s wedding day in season 10 with Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) conducting the ceremony.

Of course, Olsen’s career started long before NCIS Los Angeles was even a thought, getting parts in some well known shows and films.

NCIS los angeles eric christian olsen marty deeks

                                                           NCIS Los Angeles’ Eric Christian Olsen unrecognisable as Smallville villain. (Image: CBS)

Some of these minor roles he had were in ER, Turks, Get Real, Pearl Harbor and Arthur’s Quest.

One of his most memorable parts was in The CW and Channel 4 series Smallville as the villain Harry Volk, also known as Harry Bolston, in season one’s Hourglass.

When Harry, who is a younger and clean shaven Olsen, was younger, he was a talented pianist who was in line to be recommended for a scholarship but his teacher shattered his dreams by choosing someone else and as revenge, he murdered the teacher’s son.

As a result, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison by a jury of local jurors, including none other than Hiram Kent.

It was during his time in prison that Harry took up the hobby of learning about the descendants of families that resided in Smallville.


NCIS Los Angeles: eric christian olsen harry volk

                                                    Actor Eric Christian Olsen played pianist and convicted murderer Harry Volk. (Image: THE CW)

He served 60 years behind bars but now seen as a harmless old man, he was released and moved into a retirement home in Smallville under the new name of Harry Bolston (George Murdock).

Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) volunteers there and was taking Harry, who was now in a wheelchair, around the grounds and by a koi pond when he asked her to leave him there so she could get his scarf.

He tried to sneak a cigarette but dropped his lighter and when he tried to bend to get it, he and the wheelchair fell into the pond.

Rather than be electrocuted, Harry was rejuvenated thanks to the radioactive meteorites in the pond which somehow reversed the aging process with Harry returning to his younger self.

NCIS Los Angeles: eric christian olsen smallville

It was at this moment that Harry decided to exact vengeance on those who sentenced him to prison by killing their children.

Clark Kent (Tom Welling) was on that list but of course, he and his friends were able to defeat him before he could kill too many of the juror’s relatives.

Harry was knocked unconscious and died as he returned to his elderly state.

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