NCIS LA’s Kensi star Daniela Ruah labels Deeks actor a ‘b*****d’ for scene-stealing antics

NCIS LA star Daniela Ruah explained how co-star Eric Christian Olsen regularly “drives me nuts” while shooting.

NCIS Los Angeles ran for 14 successful seasons, following the OSP (Office of Special Projects) team, including married duo Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) and Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen)
Deeks is the joker of the pack in the CBS police procedural and actor Eric Christian Olsen also likes to poke fun at his co-stars whenever he can.

It was during an appearance on The Queen Latifah Show alongside his onscreen wife Ruah, that the 46-year-old explained something that he often does to annoy her.

When questioned if they get on each other’s nerves, Olsen laughed as Ruah groaned and pulled a face.
Elaborating, Olsen said: “We have this thing where on the show, a lot of times they’ll write the last line in the scene in NCIS and it ends with [Olsen makes flashing camera sounds] and that’s the end of the scene so it goes out with this nice black and white photo.

“So what happens is that they write one for her, like she’ll have the last line and then I’ll always improv something afterwards.”

Ruah continued: “And it drives me nuts, because I’m vein, I like to have that last moment on camera, you know, the last thing people see before you go into a commercial or something.

“It’s always a positive thing, I think you [Latifah] know what I’m talking about, he [Olsen] obviously knows what I’m talking about.”
Olsen went on to give a recent example: “There was one actually that aired last week and she had the last line, do you remember what it was?”

To which Ruah replied: “It was something along the lines of like, ‘They stole five tubes of explosives, they’ve only used one, what are they going to use on the other four?’”

Olsen went on to say: “And that’s the end of the scene, except for I go: ‘That’s a damn good question.’ And it goes to me and it goes [flashing camera sounds].

“And there’s me smiling like this and she goes ‘no!’”

Clearly frustrated, Ruah explained: “Because I’m supposed to say ‘what are they going to use the other four on?’ and then I walk away and he goes ‘That’s a damn good question.’

“Right into camera and then I’m off camera going ‘You b*****d! How dare you! Let me have the last one!’”

“Because she reacts like that, of course I continue to do it,” Olsen laughed.
Ruah added: “Today, there was another one, so there was one line in the scene.

“We stopped the bad guy, we have our guns trained on him and I say ‘Federal agents, hands where we can see them.’
“He [Olsen] takes a beat and goes ‘You heard the lady.’ and I was like ‘I give up!'”

Olsen then burst out laughing, jokingly thanking the audience as they cheered.

NCIS Los Angeles is available to watch on CBS.

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