NCIS: LA star Daniela Ruah shares rare photo of son and daughter

NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah has shared a rare photo of her son and daughter.

The actress, who played Special Agent Kensi Blye on the show until its conclusion this year, has two children with her husband David Olsen.

Taking to her Instagram page to share a picture of her kids looking at a rainbow, Daniela wrote: “Joy x 2 Alegria x 2. #rainbow #nature #kids #son #daughter #arcoiris #natureza #filhotes #alegria #joy”.

Last month the actress addressed the possibility that she could jump over to NCIS: Hawai’i following the conclusion of Los Angeles, especially after co-star LL Cool J did the same.

“If I get asked, I will certainly figure it out at the time,” she told TVLine. “If it makes sense, why not, right?”

Meanwhile Daniela’s brother-in-law, fellow NCIS: LA star Eric Christian Olsen, recently opened up about his experience of COVID-19.

daniela ruah, ncis los angeles

“Day one of COVID,” he said. “It declined raaapidly [sic] from here. Spent the next two days on the floor. Like tried to watch puss and boots [sic] and couldn’t comprehend the plot.

“Winter was seeing floating people in the ceiling. Wyatt was puking like an Ensign during fleet week. Somehow [Sarah, his wife] still looks like a supermodel while her bones melt. We all dodged it for three years but when it came for us, it came with with zero respect for our delusions of grandeur. #celebratelife.”

In other NCIS news, star Brian Dietzen has shared an update on season 21 of the show amid the Hollywood strikes, revealing while on holiday that he will be joining his co-stars in protesting when he returns.

“Now back to work… eventually? Til then, I’ll be on the picket lines. Hope your summer is going great!” he said.

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