Married at First Sight : Krysten Says Mitch Wanted a ‘Hippie’ Who Didn’t Wear Makeup

‘Married at First Sight’: Krysten Says Mitch Wanted a ‘Hippie’ Who Didn’t Wear Makeup

Krysten and Mitch didn’t get their happily ever after on Married at First Sight. Though each admitted that they cared about the other person and that their had some good moments, the San Diego couple ultimately opted to get divorced at the end of season 15. Now, Krysten is opening up about why their relationship’t work out , and she says it has to do with her not fitting with Mitch’s narrow idea of what he wanted in a wife.

Mitch said he wasn’t initially attracted to Krysten on ‘Married at First Sight’

While the Married at First Sight experts thought Mitch, a 41-year-old environmental policy advocate, and Krysten, a 32-year-old sales rep, were the perfect match, there were warning signs they weren’t compatible from the start.

The trouble began on their wedding day, when Mitch confessed to the cameras that he thought his bride was too “mainstream” and that he wasn’t a fan of her makeup and high heels. Then, on the honeymoon, Mitch – in an ill-advised attempt at honesty – confessed he wasn’t physically attracted to Krysten. Mitch’s strict environmentalism, including his aversion to single-use plastics, also causes conflict in their relationship.

While the two eventually consummated their marriage, Mitch’s desire for Krysten to adopt a more casual look was an issue throughout their eight weeks together. It culminated in Krysten’s outburst in front of her husband, the rest of the cast, and the show’s experts after she learned Mitch had spoken to her sister about his desire for her to wear less makeup and dress down.

“I want somebody who is excited that I’ve walked into the room,” she said. “And I want somebody who thinks I’m beautiful with a little bit of makeup on. And I’m done.”

Krysten says she didn’t fit Mitch’s ‘hippie gal’ ideal

Krysten was a guest on the Nov. 17 episodes of Are You My Podcast?, where she discussed her relationship with Mitch and why things didn’t work out. She said she felt that Mitch let a good thing slip through his fingers.

“The straw that broke the camel’s back with us was that he didn’t realize that he got a good match,” Krysten said. “The whole time he just really, really wanted that hippie, no-make-up California gal. And he got something a little different. It just drove me crazy that he didn’t think that he got a good package.”

Though Mitch and Krysten did eventually develop a solid bond, it wasn’t enough to save their marriage. On Decision Day, he said he wanted a divorce, telling her he knew it was best to let her go.

“I know what you want and what you think you deserve and what I think you deserve,” he said. “And that’s someone who’s 100% head over heels in love with you and committed to being your husband … I think my level of commitment is less than what you deserve.”

Despite their divorce, Krysten still thinks Mitch is a ‘great guy’
Mitch and Krysten ended up going their separate ways. But Krysten says that she bears no ill will towards her ex-husband.

“He really is a great guy. We had so much fun together. They don’t show a lot of how funny he is,” she said on Are You My Podcast? “There was a lot of good there.”

Krysten added that she felt both she and Mitch made a serious effort to make their marriage work. However, they couldn’t overcome their lack of compatibility in key areas. Their relationship, she said, was an example of two “good, nice people trying to put a square peg in a round hole.”

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