Is Jason George leaving Station 19?

Is Jason George leaving Station 19?

Ben Warren was put in a scary situation due to Station 19 Season 6, Episode 15. What happened to him? Is Jason George leaving the show?

There was a lot going on with Station 19. There’s been a change of leadership, Ross and Sullivan’s relationship is out of the bag, and Carina and Maya are finding a way to get their relationship back to what it once was. The most recent episode saw a life of one of 19’s own put on the line.

Ben Warren went through the roof of a burning building. He landed hard in the room, where a father and son were trapped. As the blaze grew, Theo had a difficult decision to make. Did he put the lives of other firefighters on the line just to hopefully save one? They didn’t even know there were other victims in there at the time. All he saw was the roof caving in.

Did Ben Warren die in Station 19?

Is Ben Warren Leaving Station 19? What Happened to Jason George in Season 6? |

Jason George has been a mainstay in the series since the beginning. In fact, he was the Grey’s Anatomy character go move over to the show from the beginning, deciding that it was time for another career change. His inclusion means plenty of crossover moments with the medical show as we see Bailey show up at the firehouse a lot.

Would the series kill off Ben after all this time? It’s not like the show hasn’t brought us a shocking death in the past. Just look at Dean Miller. It does put us on the edge of our seats when one of our favorite characters’ lives is put on the line.

There was some good news at the end of the episode. Ben made it out of the house. While he has a broken hand that means he won’t be on duty for a while, not

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