Emilia Clarke Had a Perfect Ending For Daenerys — Too Bad GoT Couldn’t Care Less

It is what it is.

You don’t need us to explain just how disastrous the finale of Game of Thrones was.

When the entire fandom rises up in arms, demanding the creators reshoot the ending and fix the monstrosity they inflicted on the Westeros universe, it kinda speaks for itself.

The way HBO’s once-great adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s books butchered Daenerys Targaryen, a fan favorite main character, still bugs many people, even though it’s been years since the finale aired.

Knowing that Emilia Clarke, the actress who brought Daenerys to screens, had a perfect ending for her character that could have actually make everything work only makes it even more painful.

“I want Daenerys to be with him, with Jon,” Clarke said once at a fan convention, noting that the two could “go to family therapy and fix their issues.”

As much as we would love to see the entire Westeros go to therapy instead of launching wars, the ending is pretty far away from what actually happened in the series finale. Long story short, Daenerys suddenly went crazy and started massacring innocents on her way to the power, leading her lover Jon Snow to killing her when she least suspected.

Now that’s one big anti-definition for relationship goals. For Clarke, Daenerys was a “very hopeful character” with a lot of potential to unpack; for the Game of Thrones writers, however, she ended up being nothing but a mad queen who decided to burn it all down just for the sake of it.

Emilia Clarke Had a Perfect Ending For Daenerys — Too Bad GoT Couldn't Care Less - image 1

Emilia Clarke is notoriously not a fan of how the show ended; even though she refrained from outright shading the Game of Thrones finale, her facial expressions at the post-finale interviews did the talking for her.

In fact, many other GoT actors expressed their frustration with the finale; even those who didn’t say anything negative directly preferred to use the words “mixed” and “disappointing” instead of anything more flattering when speaking of the story’s ending. Maisie Williams, for one, only said one thing about the finale when she arrived on Twitter after the premiere: that she was only there “for the memes.”

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