Days of Our Lives Preview: At Last, It’s the Moment of Truth!

In a Days of Our Lives for March 25 – 29, it’s time for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Read what happens and watch the preview below.
In Horton Square, Theresa and Brady are stunned to see Kristen kissing Alex. Theresa exclaims, “What the hell!” and tells Alex that Kristen DiMera is crazier than a loon!

Jada sees Stephanie out with her ex Bobbie, who is Stephanie’s ex-turned-not-ex Everett. Jada warns Stephanie, “You are being oh so sympathetic to the poor guy. Who cares if he’s a lying sociopath!”
Nicole planned all the arrangements for Jude’s christening, but at the last minute, Sloan panicked and didn’t want Nicole there. Nicole appealed to her that Holly sees Eric like a father, and Jude like a brother, so like it or not they are family. Of course, Nicole has no idea that Jude is Holly’s brother, and he is her and Eric, not EJ’s child. Someone who does know is Leo, who is at the christening and brings it to a halt announcing, “Sorry, I have something to say!” Will the truth finally come out?

Another truth does come out though, and it too involves Nicole and Holly. After months of EJ and Nicole blaming Tate for giving Holly the drugs that sent her into a coma, Holly’s memories of that night finally seem to have returned! She confides in Eric that the drugs that she took weren’t Tate’s, they were hers. Cut to a party where Holly approaches her mom and says she’s sorry. Nicole replies, “Sorry for what?” Is Tate finally going to be cleared?

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