‘Chicago Fire’: 3 Characters Most Likely to D.i.e in 2023

‘Chicago Fire’: 3 Characters Most Likely to D.i.e in 2023

NBC’s One Chicago shows are on a brief hiatus following the midseason finale, but Chicago Fire Season 11 will return in 2023. The fall finale Emma Jacobs coming back to potentially threaten Sam Carver’s position in Firehouse 51. And plenty more surprises are to come. So, will any Chicago Fire characters die in the new year? Here’s what we suspect may go down.

Emma Jacobs might be in trouble in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11

The Chicago Fire Season 11 midseason finale featured the return of the villainous Emma Jacobs. Jacobs tried to get Violet Mikami fired from her job as a paramedic, but it backfired. Jacobs left the firehouse, and many fans never expected to see her return — especially with the death of Chief Evan Hawkins. Now, it seems we’ll see a lot more of her moving forward.

“She was so good last year at playing that bringing Caitlin [Carver] back just was top of mind,” co-showrunner Derek Haas told TVLine about the return of Jacobs.

Because Jacobs is villainous, we expect a catastrophic end for the character. We wouldn’t be surprised if Jacobs dies, and she may do so in an attempt to redeem herself. If Jacobs dies, we expect it won’t happen until the season finale.

Sam Carver may not last this season

Sam Carver entered as the cocky newcomer to Truck 81 in Chicago Fire Season 11. Stella Kidd wasn’t happy to see him at first, but they’ve started developing a bond throughout the season as Carver proves he’s an asset to the truck. But there’s always a risk that the newcomers will see a quick exit — and we predict that might happen with Carver.

At the end of the midseason finale, Carver and Kidd entered a home to offer first aid to a man with a missile stuck in his leg. The finale ended with the missile going off, and what happens to the two characters is exactly unclear. We expect Carver and Kidd to make it out of the blast alive — but that doesn’t mean Carver’s in the clear. Given Carver’s cocky attitude and willingness to prove his worth to the rest of the team, we wouldn’t be surprised if he dies attempting to save another firefighter in the unit.

Mouch’s death could be unexpected

Randall McHolland, better known as Mouch, is a staple of Chicago Fire Season 11 — and it would shock fans to see him go. With that said, there’s a strong possibility he may die.

In the midseason finale, Mouch offered to head into the building that was under threat from the missile. He told the team that he should go in and potentially sacrifice himself because he’s the oldest. last, Stella Kidd and Sam Carver entered the building and endured the blast while Mouch stayed behind. But Mouch’s willingness to sacrifice his life could be a clue for what’s to come.

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