Celebrate Lucille Ball’s Birthday by Reliving These 7 I Love Lucy Scenes That Still Make Us Laugh

You’ve got some ‘splaining to do! It’s Lucille Ball‘s birthday, and to celebrate the comedic legend, we’re looking back at some of her best I Love Lucy scenes.

Starring Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley, the show (which remained the most-watched show in the country for four of its six seasons) followed the antics of Lucy Ricardo, her best friend Ethel and their husbands Ricky and Fred. The show remains one of the most beloved of all time and spawned some memorable moments. Here are seven of our I Love Lucy scenes to celebrate Ball’s birthday.

Lucy Job Switching: Season 2, Episode 1

The Candy Factory

Lucy and her best friend Ethel Mertz get a job wrapping candy on an assembly line—to disastrous and hilarious results. “I think we’re fighting a losing game!” Lucy cries, stuffing unwrapped chocolates in her mouth and hat to hide them from the boss.

Lucy Does a TV Commercial: Season 1, Episode 30


Lucy gets a job in a commercial for the drug Vitameatavegamin—but has a little trouble with the script. This scene has become a comedy classic and the episode, which aired in 1952, ranked at No. 2 on TV Guide‘s “Top 100 TV Episodes of All Time.”

Lucy and Harpo Marx: Season 4, Episode 28

Lucy Meets Harpo Marx

Lucy’s Harpo Marx impersonation is interrupted by the real pantomime walking through the door—and the two famously act out a hilarious mirror skit.

Lucy’s Barbershop Quartet: Season 1, Episode 19

The Barbershop Quartet

Always seeking the spotlight, Lucy tries to sing along with a barbershop quartet. They try to silence her, but she gets the last word.

Lucy Is Enciente: Season 2, Episode 10

Ricky Learns Lucy’s

In one of the show’s most touching moments, Lucy reveals to Ricky that she’s pregnant while he’s on stage at the Tropicana. In return, he serenades her with a rendition of “We’re Having a Baby.”

Lucy and Superman

Trying to throw Ricky Jr. the ultimate birthday party, Lucy tries to hire Superman to make an appearance. He can’t, so Lucy dresses up as the hero instead—but gets stuck outside the window on a ledge.

Ricky’s ‘Life’ Story: Season 3

Lucy Does a Dance Challenge

Ball shows off her talent for physical comedy in this wacky dance number.

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