Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16 Spoilers: Can Anthony and Jack Get Along For Long Enough to Help Erin?

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16 Spoilers: Can Anthony and Jack Get Along For Long Enough to Help Erin?

March Madness is finally over, and Blue Bloods is back!

Even better, Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16 looks to be one of the most fascinating stories of the season.

Looking at things from a different perspective is the name of the game here as Erin finds herself on the defense side of a case against her, and Jamie suspects that Eddie’s friend is involved in drug trafficking.

Erin’s story is exciting. She often acts high and mighty, especially when she’s convinced a defendant is guilty.

Season 13 Episode 16 Spoilers - Blue Bloods

Now that she’s the one at the defense table, will it change her attitude toward other defendants?

Probably not, but at least she’ll have more understanding of what it’s like to be accused of a crime!

Spoilers say that Erin is accused of causing the suicide of a former colleague.

This is an odd accusation, to begin with.

Suicide is a complex issue that can’t be traced back to any one factor. And it’s generally acknowledged that suicide is the victim’s choice, and those left behind aren’t to blame.

In some cases, though, someone purposely drives another toward ending their life, which is a crime. This often happens via cyberbullying, such as when teenagers encourage a disliked peer to kill themselves on a live stream video.

This doesn’t seem to apply to Erin. The only thing I can think of is that she exposed someone’s corruption, and that person chose death over going to jail.

If that’s the case, blaming Erin is silly and amounts to punishing her for exposing corruption. That shouldn’t sit right with anyone who cares about justice.

The most compelling aspect of this story is that Erin must rely on both Jack and Anthony to get herself out of trouble.


That makes sense. Jack is a talented defense attorney who still cares about Erin, and Anthony is her right-hand man and lead investigator for her office.

Erin needs their help to establish the real reasons for her colleague’s untimely death and protect her from legal trouble.

However, neither of them will see it that way. Anthony and Jack’s rivalry should come to a head, and we may learn what Anthony’s true feelings are for Erin.

It’s unlikely that Erin and Anthony will ever date. The writers repeatedly said that they don’t want to match up any more Reagans with their work partners after Jamie and Eddie’s marriage.

Henry's Words of Wisdom - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16

Still, the two have natural chemistry, and many fans are rooting for them, so anything that moves in that direction is a welcome surprise.


Erin is Accused - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16

Jack and Anthony’s constant clashing will be entertaining, but will these two put the rivalry aside long enough to help Erin?

It won’t do her much good if they’re arguing too much to get her out of trouble, so let’s hope they can be adults about it.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie face a similar dilemma when Jamie suspects Eddie’s close friend is using her restaurant as a drug front.

I don’t think we’ve ever met Eddie’s friend Tracey before, which is a shame. When random best friends pop up, only to be suspects in crimes, it’s not as emotional as it would be with some build-up.

Various Perspectives - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16

Still, this is the first time Jamie and Eddie have had a storyline in months! When they were police partners, they butted heads over cases all the time, but since their wedding, they rarely spend time together.

Eddie’s likely to take it personally that Jamie suspects her friend, and she won’t want to believe any evidence of wrongdoing.

This case could cause a rift between Jamie and Eddie. While I love Jamko, they need a story, and a good fight over job-related stuff fits the bill.

It’ll probably be resolved by Sunday dinner, though. If not, Frank and Henry will put in their two cents.

Workign With the Enemy - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16

I’m curious about who will be right in the end. If Eddie’s friend is innocent, Jamie will never hear the end of it. And it will be devastating for Eddie if she has to arrest her friend for drug activity.

This scenario could lead to a bigger story, such as Eddie’s friend being blackmailed or otherwise forced into illegal activity. Technically, both Eddie and Jamie would be correct if that turns out to be the case, and they might have to work with Tracey to catch the bigger fish.

Ironically, Danny and Baez have to evaluate different perspectives to get to the truth in their case while all this is going on.

It’s always fun to get the same story from multiple perspectives. This plot device can be used for comedic and dramatic effects while reminding viewers that everyone sees things differently.

Spoilers say that this experience causes Danny and Baez to examine their biases. Some viewers may worry that this means Blue Bloods is shifting to the left politically, but that’s not likely.

Blue Bloods is not a politically driven show, to begin with, but its pro-police stand has made it popular with more politically conservative viewers. Allowing Danny and Baez to examine their biases doesn’t change that.

It simply makes them better cops, and that’s probably what this story will emphasize.

What do you think, Blue Bloods fanatics?


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