Blue Bloods: Jamie confronts Frank over career-changing decision

Blue Bloods: Jamie confronts Frank over career-changing decision


The upcoming episode of Blue Bloods could be a tense one for the Reagan family as Jamie will confront his father Frank for interfering in his undercover operation.

When Blue Bloods season 13 kicked off Jamie Reagan (played by Will Estes) returned with a new job as an Intelligence Officer, however, things could soon come to a screeching halt. A sneak peek clip at the upcoming episode sees Jamie confronting his father and police commissioner, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) for interfering with his job.
Throughout the majority of the Blue Bloods, Jamie had been working within the NYPD as a police officer as none of his superiors was willing to submit his name for promotion.

However, after much pressure from Frank, Jamie took his sergeant exam and received the promotion.

Jamie then climbed the career ladder even further this season as he landed a new job as a field intelligence sergeant.

Although this news was celebrated by his family of law enforcers, fans could soon see his career come between the Reagans.

Blue Bloods: Frank

Blue Bloods: Jamie

Before episode 15 of Blue Blood premiered, bosses provided a major glimpse with the release of a sneak peek clip.

During the teaser, a frustrated Jamie visits Frank at home and warns: “I’ve got something I need to say.”

Frank asks: “It’s about the undercover operation?” to which Jamie confirms: “It is.”

Frank sighs: “I know you didn’t get the answer you wanted.”

Blue Bloods: Jamie

Frank sighs: “I know you didn’t get the answer you wanted.”Before he could finish his explanation, Jamie interrupted: “It’s less about the answer than the reason behind it. “

Frank insisted: “Jamie, it was purely a personnel decision.”

Jamie was having none of it and hit back: “But I’m the personnel and my boss thinks you’re trying to keep me out of the line of fire.”

“Well then your boss is way off base and well out of line,” Frank replied.

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