‘Blue Bloods’: Jack Reagan Actor Tony Terraciano Studied Neuroscience at a Prestigious University

‘Blue Bloods’: Jack Reagan Actor Tony Terraciano Studied Neuroscience at a Prestigious University

Some actors don’t allow fame to stand in the way of a good education. Quite a few celebrities, such as Eva Longoria, Emma Watson, and Natalie Portman, have completed impressive degrees after making it big. After earning a Psychology degree from Harvard University after the success of Star Wars: Episode w, Portman even went on to take graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

It seems that Blue Bloods’ own Tony Terraciano is the latest to pursue an education. According to his LinkedIn, he’s been very busy studying neuroscience at Vanderbilt University and pursuing his MD at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. But does this mean we’ve seen the last of Jack Reagan? Fans hope not. 

Blue Bloods’ staying power

Blue Bloods premiered on CBS in September 2010, earning instant popularity. The show follows the fictional Reagan family, an Irish-American Catholic clan in New York City with a history of law enforcement work.

Terraciano plays the role of Jack Reagan, the eldest son of Danny and Linda Regan. Aside from failing one Algebra class, Jack was always a good student, also playing a variety of sports. He attended a private Catholic school with his brother, which makes sense, given the family lineage. 

Jack’s noticeable absence

As one of the main characters in Blue Bloods, Jack’s presence was obviously vital for practically every episode. However, fans immediately noticed that Jack had been absent since a 2021 episode called “Hate is Hate,” and he was only in one episode of the 2020 season, according to Looper.

Fans were concerned that Jack was being written off the show or that something was wrong with the actor, Tony Terraciano. Fortunately, in an interview with CBS, Terraciano confirmed that filming was cutting into his education. While Jack’s appearance on the show has been rare lately, his character is not being written off, and the actor is not being replaced at this time. This news was a huge relief to the fans. 

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An impressive education

It appears that Terranciano has been hitting the books full-time and attending some extremely prestigious schools, so it makes sense that his schedule doesn’t allow him much time for filming. His LinkedIn profile states that he attended Vanderbilt University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and a minor in Philosophy, taking pre-med courses.

He didn’t stop there. Terraciano went on to attend the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he will become a Doctor of Medicine. It appears that he’s also worked as a research assistant for Vanderbilt University and the New York University School of Medicine. 

Longtime fans of Blue Bloods will probably remember that Jack Reagan’s character, who is also college-aged, was considering becoming a doctor. Perhaps the writers will have the character pursue an MD, especially since Terranciano clearly speaks the language. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Jack Reagan in the seasons to come, even if his presence will be part-time. 

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