Blue Bloods’ Fans Voted on the ‘New’ Worst Episode of the Show

For the first time in forever, the worst episode of Blue Bloods was changed. Apparently, this one entry even made some fans drop the show altogether, but why?

Few long-running shows can boast a fan base as loyal as Blue Bloods, but sometimes, the series makes a slip that is remembered for the longest time. Almost every series has its ups and downs, but in the case of Blue Bloods, some episodes are straight-up hated — and the worst of them all even made some fans dip entirely.

S5E3 “Burning Bridges” was considered the worst Blue Bloods episode ever for the longest time as it had the lowest IMDb rating and was heavily criticized after its release for how poorly it tried to address the topic of homophobia in the law enforcement structures and how it made some of the Reagans go out-of-character.

This recently changed: the questionable crown of the worst episode of Blue Bloods now belongs to S8E15 “Legacy.” Currently, Legacy is the only episode of the show that has a rating lower than 7.0; in case you don’t exactly recall what was going on in that entry, let’s quickly recap the reason why it became so hated among the fans.

Danny Reagan received an offer for a job that paid really well as he was struggling with being a single dad, but the other Reagans convinced him that leaving the police force wouldn’t be the right thing to do, so he stayed and continued his struggles.

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Nicky Reagan-Boyle had to deal with her perverted boss who tried to take advantage of her, and as she finally decided to walk out, that somehow empowered the other victims of the creep to stand up for themselves and leave the job as well.

Frank Reagan found out that one of his cops was accused of racial profiling and after discovering the reasoning behind that, fired the cop to avoid her negative influence on her colleagues.

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Just like Burning Bridges, Legacy tried to address several important issues but was let down by the poor execution of the idea. Some of the viewers claimed that this episode was the worst they’d ever watched, and others even stated that the show had lost them as fans entirely after Legacy. It’s safe to say, this entry was a disaster.

Curiously enough, pretty much every time Blue Bloods tried to address some social issues, the show received a massive backlash from the fans. Perhaps, this just isn’t something that people want to see when they sit down to watch a procedural series about the police force?..

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