Blue Bloods: 3 Prime Examples of Show Writers Being Painfully Inconsistent

Blue Bloods: 3 Prime Examples of Show Writers Being Painfully Inconsistent

We love Blue Bloods, but finding a show with more inconsistencies could prove almost impossible as the writers never remember their previous claims, ever.

Look, Blue Bloods is great. You love it, we love it, and the cast loves it. But the truth is, there’s a large group of people who apparently couldn’t care less about the show despite being directly involved with it. We’re talking about its writers.

Unlike most shows, Blue Bloods doesn’t just have a couple of writers. It doesn’t even have a small team of five or so writers, either.
Instead, there are dozens of them — which is, to put it mildly, way too many for a single show. While it might be convenient for the showrunner in some regard, it’s terrible in many others.

The main issue we as well as many other fans have with Blue Bloods is the writing consistency. We don’t mean consistency as in “Oh no, they ruined characters X, Y, Z”.

We mean consistency as in “having a functional timeline that doesn’t contradict itself every other episode”. In this regard, the show is utterly inconsistent.

If you’ve never noticed that, we’ll give you the three most bizarre examples.

Blue Bloods: 3 Prime Examples of Show Writers Being Painfully Inconsistent

Who’s Frank’s eldest child?

You likely just thought, “Come on, it was Joe, and now it’s Danny”. We thought so, too, but the writers are somehow not sure about that. In the early seasons, Joe was named Frank’s eldest child.

In the later seasons, it’s mentioned a few times that Joe was born third. This season, they got back to claiming that Joe was the eldest son. For a short period of time, the deceased Joe got much younger in everyone’s eyes.

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How old is Erin, really?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not just in this to ask inappropriate questions, it’s just fairly bugging. In season 2, Erin claims she’s 36, and her 40th anniversary in season 6 confirms it.

Season 6 saw an entire episode dedicated to Erin’s birthday, but when Frank went out with Erin’s blonde Australian friend, it was mentioned that they got acquainted at Erin’s 40th birthday party. Did she turn 40 twice or something?

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When was Nicky born?

In Blue Bloods S3, Nicky turns 16 years old. If we believe that Erin was 36 in S2 (which we are not sure about anymore), it means that she gave birth to Nicky when she was 21 — before Law School, basically.

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But in the later seasons, whenever Erin and Jack share their memories about being at Law School, they state they were a new couple back then. How does Nicky’s birth fit into this narrative?

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