Alex Goes Over Maggie’s Head After Her First Act as CEO — and Chanel Ignores Paulina’s Directive When It Comes to Talia

Alex Goes Over Maggie’s Head After Her First Act as CEO — and Chanel Ignores Paulina’s Directive When It Comes to Talia

 Days of Our Lives, Stephanie encourages Alex to fight for what he wants, Chanel ignores her mother’s warnings, Gwen acts impulsively, and Leo stirs up trouble for Chad and Stephanie.

At The Spectator, Xander looks at a photo of Sarah on his phone when Gwen enters their office. She assumes his mopey mood is about Sarah. He says he was thinking about Maggie because her becoming CEO of Titan should have been front-page news. She counters the “Brothers Grimm” story was the one to go with. He still wishes they ran with the Titan story before putting the paper to bed. Gwen wishes he could focus on the one in front of him instead of the one that got away. Gwen gets a call that their numbers are up 20 percent from last week and they even outsold The Intruder. They hug in celebration and she kisses him.

At the Pub, Chad assures Paulina over the phone that they are on top of the Sloan situation. He hangs up and starts typing as Leo sits at his table. Leo asks for a comment about the musical chairs at Titan. Chad has no gossip for him. When Leo presses, Chad says Leo going to Victor about Alex’s extracurricular activities is why he isn’t CEO. “Are you saying Victor passed over Alex because he’s a man whore?” Leo queries. Chad didn’t use that term, “but sure.”

Stephanie joins them and asks what’s going on. Leo asks about the shake-up at Titan. She gives him the party line, leading Leo to ask inappropriate questions about why her relationship with Alex ended. Chad shouts, “Enough!” and tells Leo that Alex is the reason Stephanie didn’t get to say goodbye to her mother. Leo adopts a sympathetic tone as he asks too many personal questions. Stephanie orders him out.

Stephanie asks what the hell is wrong with Chad. He apologizes. He didn’t mean to blurt out the stuff about her mom. What about the stuff about Alex being a man whore, she wonders. Chad knows he was wrong but he’s also glad Alex didn’t get the CEO position. She wonders if he’s trying to sabotage her relationship with their biggest client because he fears she can’t keep things professional with her ex. Chad didn’t say that. She suggests he figure out how to communicate more clearly then, especially since he works in PR.

At the Spectator, Gwen grabs Xander's face and kisses him.

Back at the paper, Xander breaks away from Gwen’s kiss. Leo bursts in thrilled about their numbers. Xander runs out to see Maggie. A mortified Gwen tells Leo that she planted a kiss on Xander who was pining over Sarah. He is positive it’s only a matter of time before she and Xander are reunited and making gorgeous babies together.

Alex fantasizes about Stephanie at the Titan desk, as Maggie enters. She wonders what he’s doing in her chair. He relinquishes it to her and vows to do his best in a supporting role. She tells him she’s shutting down Bella Magazine despite Alex’s big plans for it. He wonders what Victor thinks of that. She doesn’t care. She’s the CEO. Dejected, Alex says the magazine was his baby. What is he supposed to do now? Maggie will find a place for him. Alex asks, “Where?”

At Titan, Maggie glares at Alex who leans on the desk across from her.

Xander strolls in with flowers to congratulate Maggie. Alex glumly leaves to get coffee. Despite being confused by Jack and Jennifer handing it over, Maggie congratulates Xander about the paper. Xander asks for an exclusive interview with Titan’s new CEO. Will she grant him the interview or write him off the way her daughter did? Maggie is sorry Sarah didn’t give him a second chance and wants to see him succeed.

After the interview, Maggie asks if Xander is back with Gwen. Xander explains he’s not over Sarah and it’s not fair to lead Gwen on. Before he leaves, he tells Maggie she is Victor’s best choice yet to sit in that chair.

Alex gapes at a grinning Xander. Maggie stands between them holding flowers. Maggie looks at Alex with a raised brow and parted lips.

While texting, Stephanie literally bumps into Alex in the park. She’s sorry he didn’t get the CEO job but assumes Maggie is thrilled to have him to rely on. He corrects her — Maggie couldn’t care less about what he thinks. When she hears about Bella, she opines, if he cares that much about it, he should fight for it.

Outside Sweet Bits, Chanel brings the young woman, Talia, a job application. When Chanel tells her why she needs more help, Talia quips that her mama always said, “Don’t get your honey where you get your money.” Chanel agrees that mixing business with pleasure is always a risk. She tells Talia to return the application as soon as possible. They lock eyes and shake hands.

After Talia leaves, Paulina arrives and tells Chanel that Sloan had all of their assets frozen. The court will be looking for unnecessary expenditures, so she should take down her Help Wanted sign. Chanel worries she’ll lose the perfect candidate if she doesn’t bring her on immediately. Paulina tries one of Talia’s cookies and agrees she’s wonderful but Chanel will have to wait to hire her.

At the station, Rafe and Jada grin at each other. His hands stuff in his front pockets while hers rest in her back pockets.

Rafe finds Jada crossing her Ts and dotting her Is on the Stefan kidnapping report. He appreciates her hard work but reminds her to eat. She asks if he wants to come with. Rafe says it’s not a good idea because Abe sent out an email discouraging interoffice fraternizing. Jada points out they aren’t involved. They even had burgers the other day and that wasn’t a date. Rafe hedges, leading Jada to ask if he thought it was. Rafe awkwardly says he didn’t but he doesn’t want her to think he is interested in her, even if it’s not the case. She wonders if he is interested in her.

At the station, Jada's and Talia's mouths drop and their faces light up. Talia clasps Jada's wrists.

Talia shows up and Jada embraces her. Jada introduces Rafe to her sister, who announces she’s moving to Salem. Jada pastes on a grin and rapidly blinks. Rafe gets called away, as Talia says her relationship in New York ended so she’s looking for a fresh start in Salem. Jada asks if she really thought this through. Talia thought she could crash with Jada and she’s already got a job prospect.

Rafe returns after Talia has left. Jada brings up their conversation from earlier but then backpedals as Abe calls Rafe. She pensively watches Rafe head out.

When Talia returns to Chanel with her application, Chanel hesitates and eyes her cookies. She hires her.

Jada beams as Talia who shakes Rafe's hand at the station.

Stephanie returns to Chad at the Pub and apologizes. Chad says he’s the one who is sorry. He won’t let his personal feelings get in the way of his job again. They have a great thing going and he doesn’t want to screw it up. She doesn’t either.

Xander returns to Gwen at the paper. “I was hoping we could talk about us,” he says.

When Alex finds Maggie’s office empty, he sits behind the desk and calls Victor. He wants to have a chat about Bella.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Stefan sets up EJ, and Gwen’s headed for heartbreak.

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