After 7 seasons since 2017, many people’s favorite sitcom “Young Sheldon” has officially ended. Along with many regrets, nearly 9 million viewers watched the final episodes of this series on CBS. The refreshing laughter, lessons about family love along with the development journey of each actor in “Young Sheldon” are truly meaningful to fans.

“Young Sheldon” is a prequel to the previously successful classic cult series – “The Big Bang Theory”. The film follows the growth of Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage), a genius character who is somewhat strange and creates a lot of laughter for the audience because of his strange thinking. In “Young Sheldon”, viewers encounter the 9-year-old version of him with the odd situations in high school and countless other troubles in the family of the “little genius”.

The saying “many talents and many flaws” is very appropriate to describe Sheldon. He is smart and talented in matters of logic, science and especially physics. According to his mother, Sheldon has the same IQ as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. However, he always has difficulty adapting to his surroundings and making friends with people. In particular, when the movie opens with Sheldon enrolling in his brother’s high school at the age of 9, it gave the whole family a headache.

It’s not hard to guess, Sheldon really had many “laughing and crying” situations while at school. Not only did he have problems with his classmates who were at a young age, but even the teachers were “crazy” because he constantly caught his mistakes and asked about his qualifications. Funny thing is, Sheldon doesn’t care much about his “loneliness” and has no need to make friends. On the contrary, he enjoys the feeling of being alone to contemplate abstract scientific principles that ordinary people cannot understand. Life in high school and having to deal with seemingly normal communication situations created a lot of laughter from the audience because of the paradoxical and cumbersome handling of the little genius.


Placing Sheldon at the center of the film, however, other members of the Cooper family also made many marks in the hearts of the audience. Sheldon’s twin sister, Missy (Raegan Revord), although not fond of books, shows outstanding EQ by always understanding people’s emotions. Eldest brother George (Montana Jordan) excels in sports and loves his younger siblings even though he often teases them. Three children with different personalities and at a difficult age caused a lot of chaos to the family and created laughter from the audience.

Because of Sheldon’s special personality, mother Mary Cooper (Zoe Perry) always loves, sympathizes and tries to protect her young son. Even though she is a “pious Christian”, she still respects her son’s “atheist” views and believes: “He will find his own faith.” Indeed, Sheldon later founded “Mathematics,” and the only sin there was lack of intelligence. Besides, the father of three talented children was George Cooper Sr. (Lance Barber), head coach of the high school football team. Through “Young Sheldon”, this character was cleared of all misunderstandings in “The Big Bang Theory”, making the audience “turn around”. Far from being an alcoholic, violent and unfaithful father, Mr. Cooper is lovable, always trying to understand and help his children whenever possible. That’s why the predetermined ending of this father’s sudden death made all the audience mourn.

Finally, grandmother Meemaw is also loved for her profound sayings and rich life experiences. She is the most patient, understanding and sympathetic person in the family for Sheldon. It was she who reassured Mary to trust Sheldon, and that he would definitely find his own path in the future.

Sheldon’s unique intelligence and poor social skills have created many humorous situations for the audience. He always applies all theories accurately, even somewhat mechanically. He strictly follows school rules and exposes all students who break the rules, even teachers. This led to him being shunned, and becoming lonely. But on the contrary, principle helps Sheldon become a prodigy in the field of science. Similarly, her younger sister Missy, although not good at studying, is insightful when looking at social issues. The older brother, who seems to have nothing outstanding, has a natural ability in sports. It can be seen that no one is perfect and each person is a genius in different aspects. Therefore, each person should focus on developing their own strengths instead of trying to become perfect and perfect.

Besides, “Young Sheldon” also contains many lessons about life, as well as family love. A Sheldon who seems to have no interest in anything other than science is actually a very affectionate person, especially for his mother. He still actively goes to church with his mother because “he doesn’t believe in it. Most High, but trust me.” Another famous line in “Young Sheldon” is when the grandmother teaches Sheldon, a person who always worships logic, that: “In life, sometimes what people show on their faces is not what they see.” I don’t think in my heart.”
Even though it is one of the most popular and popular TV shows of American television station CBS, unfortunately “Young Sheldon” still has to end because everyone knows the movie is just a prequel to another sitcom. Over time, Sheldon will grow up to become the Sheldon of “According to the Big Bang Theory”. Therefore, to maintain the connection between the two films, the producer needs to choose the appropriate time and build the details that must take place. It can be seen that the character development journey in “Young Sheldon” has been exploited as fully as possible. Therefore, despite many regrets, movie lovers are still touched and satisfied with the movie’s ending.

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