Yellowstone: Kevin Costner as he is on the verge of divorce from his estranged wife.

Yellowstone: Kevin Costner as he is on the verge of divorce from his estranged wife.

Kevin Costner got a new admirer in Luann De Lesseps. The socialite gushed about the Yellowstone actor while he is on the verge of divorce with his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner.
Even now, Kevin Costner holds an aura like no other. Amidst the news of his divorce from estranged wife Christine Baumgartner, American socialite Luann De Lesseps said that the Yellowstone actor is her ‘type’. The news comes with no doubt that the dashing 68-year-old actor still holds a glazing personality, and it seems like Kevin is aging like a fine wine with each passing day. Being in his late 60s, Costner still appears to be a heartbreaker, who can make women fall for him just by being the way he is.

Luann De Lesseps made a confession about Kevin Costner when she was questioned about her dating life, at the premiere of Book Club: The Next Chapter in New York City, on Monday night. The Real Housewives of New York star said the 68-year-old actor, who is presently going through a divorce, is definitely her “type.” She was speaking with Page Six when the subject of who she’d want to date came up.

Luann De Lesseps calls Kevin Costner ‘very graceful’

Luann de Lesseps sets her sights on Kevin Costner amid his divorce

The socialite then spoke about Costner’s presence at last year’s Academy Awards. She said, “Didn’t you think he was amazing at the Oscars?” “His speech,” Lesseps went on. She added, “He was so elegant, eloquent, and manly.”

Luann, who has been married twice before, also stated that, contrary to her wishes, she is “not dating anyone in particular right now” but will be “dating” when she can. “There is no one to write home about. I wish,” she added.

Kevin Costner’s sudden divorce news

Kevin was allegedly ‘stunned’ when his wife of 18 years, Christine Baumgartner, filed for divorce earlier this month, according to Luann. Kevin’s representative confirmed the news a week ago, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the basis for the decision.

Kevin and Christine have three children together: Cayden,16, Hayes,14, and Grace,12. Sources informed Page Six a few days after the divorce announcement that Kevin is still trying to reunite with Christine and does not believe they should split. “Kevin adores Christine and his children. He plainly does not want the divorce and would take her back,” they stated.

A separate insider recently informed people that Christine was struggling while Kevin was filming abroad. “Kevin isn’t around much during filming. His absence has been extremely difficult for her,” a source told the site. The source added, “Christine does not want him to get involved in another project. Since last year, he has been preoccupied with filming Horizon. She was upset about it.”


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