Will Ana return in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14?

Will Ana return in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14?

Callen and Ana are still going strong. Will we see more of them together in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14? Will Bal Paly coming back?

We are certainly ready to see a Callen/Ana wedding. For a while, it looked like their relationship may be doomed. After all, Ana was on the run and wasn’t showing signs of wanting to settle down. Things changed by the end of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13, with Callen finally getting the chance (and courage!) to propose.

So, we want to see more of Ana. The only way to see the Callen/Ana wedding is to see more of Bal Paly on the series. We would also love to see her upped to series regular and to be a more integral part of the series. Will any of this happen?

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Bal Paly may return in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14?

There is a little bit of bad news in TVLine‘s most recent Inside Line. Paly won’t join NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 as a series regular.

There are no plans for the series to add more series regulars at this time.

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That doesn’t mean she won’t return as a guest star. One of the things the series has always managed to do is find a way to bring personal storylines in with guest stars. We saw Paly in a number of Season 13 episodes as Ana and Callen’s personal storyline became a strong focus.

While we’re trying to prepare for the end of the series, there are no signs that NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 is going to be the last right now. This means Paly could end up returning in another season as a series regular. But even as a guest star, she could return for the Callen/Ana wedding this season.