Who dies in the Station 19 Season 6 finale?

Who dies in the Station 19 Season 6 finale?

The Station 19 Season 6 finale saw the firefighters switch their uniforms for cocktail dresses and suits. What happened at the end of the episode?

A party can never just be a party in Shondaland. That’s certainly the case in the Station 19 Season 6 finale. The crew got together with other firefighters for the Firefighter Ball to honor heroes in the SFD including 19’s own Ben Warren, but things didn’t quite go to plan.

During the party, one of the event’s hosts quickly flags Jack down for help in the kitchen out of concern that something is wrong with the ovens and of a weird odor. Jack goes to evaluate the situation and quickly discovers a wall fire believed to have started as a result of the building’s old wiring. With help from Chief Ross, Andy, and the SFD’s newly appointed union leader, they seem to get the fire under control in the kitchen.

The promo hinted that we would lose one of our own, and naturally, we all feared the worse.

You see, we’re still not over the loss of Dean Miller. We’re not over the losses of others in previous seasons. We weren’t ready for the episode, but the writers were always going to do their own thing, and we just had to hold on. This series reminds us that the jobs of the firefighters are dangerous and nobody is owed tomorrow.

Who is Station 19’s new captain?

The episode started off with its own drama. The wait was on to find out who would be named the permanent captain of Station 19. Well, permanent for now. There hasn’t been a “permanent” captain since Captain Pruitt.

Theo, Andy, and Sullivan all put their names in the ring for captain. Maya decided not to this time, and I love that she made that decision. It shows character growth for her. Who ended up being named? That would be Andy — a decision that was celebrated by many members of 19 but sent others into a spiral.

Before anyone can truly process things though, they’re all forced into action when the ballroom floor collapses sending countless guests falling through the floor including former fire chief Michael Dixon, 19’s newest addition Kate Powell (who previously worked with Travis and Theo at their old house), and Chief Ross.

Who died in the Station 19 Season 6 finale?

The promo for the season finale of Station 19 made it seem like someone from the Station 19 core team would die, but luckily that ended up being a misdirect as everyone from the 19 team end up surviving the episode. However, someone did die during the finale and one member of Station 19’s life was left hanging in the balance in a shocking twist as the episode came to a close.

The only confirmed casualty of the episode was former fire chief Michael Dixon, who died from injuries sustained during the ballroom floor collapse. Travis did everything possible to try to save his life, but his injuries were too severe and Dixon died on the scene.

As the episode came to a close, it looked like Dixon was the only major victim of the crash. That was until Travis went to thank Jack for saving his life and Jack went crashing to the floor. In the final moments of the season, the 19 team raced to an unconscious Jack’s aid with his fate left up in the air as the season ended.

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