Tini Younger’s Journey From Next Level Chef To Social Media Superstar

TikTok is the major social media platform for young creators, and since it’s inception, the public has witnessed a number of popular names emerge from the app.

One such name is Tini Younger, a brilliant chef who has made a name for herself by crafting unbelievable dishes in her kitchen. Tini is no joke when it comes to cooking and baking, and the TikTok superstar is currently sporting a following of 7.7 million people.

Now, people know Tini from the app, but her journey to TikTok fame is one that featured everything from a life-changing moment in school, to flexing her abilities in front of none other than Gordon Ramsay on one of his many shows!

Tini Younger Became A TikTok Phenomenon Thanks To Some Amazing Recipes

Tini Younger on TikTok

It all started in 2021, when Tini rebranded her TikTok account, and gave posting her recipes a try.

  • “I thought it would just be fun, so I recorded it and posted it the next day. It was 14 million views and I had gained 300,000 followers. It blew up over Twitter, over Instagram, over Snapchat. It was insane. Celebrities were reaching out,” she revealed in an interview.

From there, it was off to the races.

Arguably the biggest reason for her glow up on social media has been the amazing recipes that she’s posted. Chief among these is her macaroni and cheese recipe, which took TikTok by storm!

Not only did this video go viral, but countless others trying the recipe also managed to snag millions of views.

Suddenly, Tini, who was already doing well enough on social media, was becoming a star.

Not only were her recipes on TikTok going viral, but her work outside the platform was, as well. For example, her a report back in 2023 showed that her From Scratch show had over 1 million views.

“I love my followers so much. They live like me, they look like me, and they want to upgrade what they do in the kitchen for a reasonable cost. I try to inspire men and women to utilize food to make each other happy and spend time together like I do with my fiance’ Antoine,” Tini said, according to Yahoo .

Since her viral mac and cheese recipe, Tini seems to go viral each time she posts. This has led to substantial growth in the follower department. At the time of this article, she is sporting 7.7 million followers, and has amassed 270 million likes on TikTok, which is no small feat.

In the aforementioned Yahoo piece, her brand partnerships at the time were outlined, as well as some major prospects.

  • “Before brands wanted to “test” one post by a creator like Tini. Now brands are discussing long-term partnerships that include creating content for her social media accounts, the brand’s accounts, and unique content so the company can utilize her viral content in an advertising buys that creates massive traffic.
  • “Someone like Tini takes the guesswork out of developing viral content that will be seen by millions because her audience and the platforms’ algorithms love her,” Evan Morgenstein, CEO of The Digital Renegades stated, per article stated.

Of course, Tini wasn’t an amazing chef overnight. In fact, she had previously flexed her skills on Next Level Chef.

Tini Did Well On Next Level Chef, And Impressed Chef Gordon Ramsay

Back on season 2 of the show, a 20-year-old Tini made her presence felt with the viewers at home.

Turns out, she had to decide between the show and the Disney Culinary Internship Program.

“It was a decision I had to make, but it was a pretty easy decision,” she said in an interview.

Once on set, Tini admitted that she was starstruck by Chef Gordon Ramsay.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been starstruck before, but I couldn’t control myself … I was like, oh my gosh — I’ve been watching Gordon Ramsay since I was 8 years old.’ I was watching ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Master Chef’ and ‘Master Chef Junior,’ and Gordon Ramsay is in front of me and he’s about to taste my food in a few minutes. This is nerve-racking,” she said.

According to Fandom, Tini was able to make it to week 11 of the show before being eliminated.

Despite making it far, some viewers were critical of the help she sought while bringing her creations to life.

“The amount of help she gets each episode from the different chefs just baffles me. I don’t see anyone else asking for this much help or advice each episode,” a Reddit post stated.

Fortunately, not everyone agreed with this.

  • “Why does everyone hate on her so much? She’s literally had like one bad dish. She’s never missed the platform or an ingredient grab or messed up a grab. She constantly pushes herself and cooks things she has never done before. And you know what? She listens to her mentors and nails the protein cooks every time.”
  • “I seriously don’t understand the hate. Sure she’s been middle of the pack and never had that outstanding dish but all it takes is for one better chef to have a bad day. Consistency can win competitions,” one user replied.

Sure, she needed some help, but in the end, it made her a better chef.

“It taught me to take risks,” she told Frederick News Post. “The whole experience on how I even got on the show was because I took a risk. I didn’t play it safe. If you’re not out of your comfort zone, then I don’t think you’re a good chef. I feel like you have to be out of your comfort zone the whole time. That’s how you improve.”

It was an amazing journey for Tini, who did not go to a traditional culinary school like others that have competed on TV.

Prior To Next Level Chef, She Learned To Cook in Tech School

Tini Younger being interviewed by FOX
via WFXG

When speaking with Frederick News Post, Tini talked about her journey to TV.

“I had terrible grades, and I just wanted to find a passion for something,” she said.

She soon realized the hairstyling wasn’t for her.

“I absolutely hated it. I was like, ‘This is not for me,’ and on my way out, I smelled the food down the hallway.”

After getting that first whiff, it was all over. Tini then pivoted to cooking, and begin turning her life around.

“Everything changed. I had been getting Ds and Fs. I even got a D in PE. I wasn’t applying myself. I didn’t care about school. As soon as I found out that I was actually good at cooking and it was something I liked, my grades turned around. My behavior also turned around, because I wasn’t the best kid. I was getting in trouble and [sent to] the principal’s office. But my behavior turned for the good, because I found my passion,” she revealed.

Tini Younger’s journey from tech school newbie to TikTok superstar serves as an inspiration for the next crop of chefs and bakers coming up.

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