The ‘Home Improvement’ Creators Are Seeking $40 Million in a Lawsuit Against Disney

The ‘Home Improvement’ Creators Are Seeking $40 Million in a Lawsuit Against Disney

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What’s not to love about Home Improvement? Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, JTT–there’s too many great memories to mention. (And we haven’t even gotten to Wilson yet!) But for the creators of the hit ’90s sitcom, the show has been a sticking point for many years.

Wind Dancer Production Group and writers-producers Matt Williams, Carmen Finestra, Tam O’Shanter, and David McFadzean have been involved in a tricky lawsuit against Disney since 2013. They’re claiming that Disney has made 1.5 billion from the show, and they’re alleging they’ve been cheated out of a portion of the profits, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The suit was reportedly dismissed due to an “incontestability” clause that required an “objection to profit participation statements within 24 months after the date sent and legal action initiated within 24 months of the date sent.” But the case was revived by an appeals court in 2017, which found that the producers had presented some evidence that Disney allegedly delayed audits that affected the period in which they could object.

Now, according THR and CinemaBlend, the producers are asking for damages “in excess of $40 million without interest.” According to attorneys Robins Kaplan, the “Plaintiffs have been able to quantify the audit claims and intend to offer evidence at trial of Plaintiffs’ damages.” If they go to trial, it will begin on June 3.

Home Improvement captivated audiences from 1991-1999 thanks to Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and his hilarious wife, kids, and friends. It may be over, but Tim is still cracking us up thanks to his new show, Last Man Standing.

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