Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ will predict possible angles for the upcoming ‘6666’.

Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ will predict possible angles for the upcoming ‘6666’.


What many consider the biggest and most famous ranch in North Texas will be the backdrop and subject for one of Taylor Sheridan’s newest shows. With so much talk about the rift between “Yellowstone” actor Kevin Costner, who plays the show’s lead character John Dutton, and Sheridan, there is still a glimmer of positivity for fans in the form of the show’s upcoming spin-off “6666”. In fact, since it has been verified that this flagship show will be ending, many people are anticipating “6666” could be its replacement.

What sets this offshoot apart from the other “Yellowstone” spin-offs, is its storyline takes place in the popular western’s current timeframe. Unlike “1883” or “1923” titles that tell fans they are already watching a prequel, the “6666” will most possibly follow “Yellowstone” alum Jimmy Hurdstram, played by Jefferson White, as he continues his career as a ranch hand at the famed location and show’s namesake.

The irony of this scenario is it was Sheridan’s purchase of the Four Sixes in 2020 that prompted him to take on a few more writing projects as a way of bankrolling the legendary ranch. Known as the Four Sixes Ranch or the 6666 Ranch, this massive west Texas spread has remained in the Burnett family and as part of a trust until Samuel Burnett’s great-granddaughter, Anne Windfohr Marion died in early 2020. The property was put up for sale for $341 million, according to her will.

Predicting the Storyline for the Upcoming 'Yellowstone' Spin-off '6666' - Fort Worth Magazine

The Star-Telegram confirmed that Taylor Sheridan fronted a group that signed a contract for the property in December 2020, with the deal closing in March of that same year. This purchase marks the first time the ranch has been sold in more than 150 years. The ranch encompasses three separate properties in west Texas that include over 266,000 acres — an area larger than the city of San Antonio and twice the size of Chicago. Yet — it still places at the No. 9 spot on the list of the largest ranches in Texas.

It’s kind of a no-brainer that the Four Sixes would be used as a backdrop for the upcoming spin-off series since it was already featured in season 4 and the first half of season 5 of “Yellowstone”.

It’s still unclear when “6666” will be released and if it will be steaming on Paramount+. But we predict it’s a good possibility given the information Paramount has been sending the press. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, expectations for the upcoming “6666” premiere could be sometime in early 2024. This prediction tracks, since the shoot for the “1883” spin-off “Bass Reeves” is only a couple of weeks away from wrapping up production in the Fort Worth area.

So, who do we predict will be in the cast?

There is talk that two “Yellowstone” characters, the aforementioned Jimmy (Jefferson White) and Walker (Ryan Bingham), will likely head south to Texas to work on the Four Sixes Ranch. Since Jimmy and Walker are ranch hands, it’s very possible their characters leave the Yellowstone Ranch in search of greener pastures. There is also conjecture that actress Kathryn Kelly who plays Jimmy’s girlfriend Emily in “Yellowstone” will also be coming back to reprise her role.

Yellowstone' Spinoff '6666' Expected Release Time Frame Revealed

While there has been no mention of whether or not the Dutton clan will be involved in the Four Sixes Ranch, an Instagram post from Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, leads to speculation that perhaps Beth may be relocating. Though it’s unlikely Beth will move to Texas, she may pop in for a visit now and again. Maybe she and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) can head there for their honeymoon.

The only verified actor that Paramount has mentioned will be working on this new show will be Academy Award-winning actor and Texas native, Mathew McConaughey. It’s still not clear what character he will play, but it’s a good bet he will be the heavy taking the place of Costner’s John Dutton on the ranch-themed spin-off.

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