NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Plain Sight (Season 9 Episode 4)

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 4 “Plain Sight” reinforces what this show is, and who these characters are, just as it introduces the notion that sometimes, even the people closest to us have hidden stories and problems we know nothing about.

Will this be a thread we pick up later in the season? If this were any other procedural, I’d say no, but considering this is NCIS: LA I’d say odds are good we come back to this idea.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 4, Plain Sight – LL COOL J (Special Agent Sam Hanna) and Chris O’Donnell (Special Agent G. Callen)
“Plain Sight” — Pictured: LL COOL J (Special Agent Sam Hanna) and Chris O’Donnell (Special Agent G. Callen). Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS
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Nine seasons in, can’t we say we know them?

Everyone has their own answer to that, and here’s mine: Yes.

We know these people.

We care about these people.

And, if (more like when) their secrets come to light, those two things will still hold true.

Sometimes you gotta have faith in people, or in TV shows. More often than not, these days, it seems like that faith isn’t rewarded, like we give more to TV than it gives to us.

That’s not the case with NCIS: LA.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 4, Plain Sight – Daniela Ruah (Special Agent Kensi Blye) and Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Liaison Marty Deeks)
“Plain Sight” — Pictured: Daniela Ruah (Special Agent Kensi Blye) and Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Liaison Marty Deeks). Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS
That’s not the case with Callen and Sam, Kensi and Deeks, Eric and Nell.

That’s not the case with this writing team.

It’s not even the case with Hetty, though seriously, some information would be good, Hetty. Communication is a skill. Work with us here.

This, however, doesn’t apply to you, Mosley. It really and truly doesn’t. And no, I’m not saying you’re automatically the bad guy, but I am saying you haven’t yet earned our trust and right now, after disappearing for half the episode while everything was going down, I’m more suspicious than not.

What I’m not, however, is disappointed. I rarely am with this show. Week to week I consume TV and sometimes sit in fear of what each hour of my favorite shows will deliver.

Now with this show. I know what I’ll get with NCIS: LA.

I’ll get an interesting case, one I might connect with or not, but one that will not bore me in a way that will make me turn off the TV.

I’ll get some humor, some friendly banter and some heartfelt interactions.

I’ll get action, and the bad guys will lose – or they’ll at least be temporarily thwarted.

And I’ll get some heart.

So thank you, NCIS: LA. Thank you for being my safe port in a TV storm. May this journey continue for a long, long time.


You know what’s better than friends who offer guidance, moral support and coffee? Friends WHO ACTUALLY HELP.
Though the casual way in which Callen says we never fails to get me. Like it’s obvious. Common knowledge. Sam is never alone.
Every time Callen makes pop culture references my heart grows three sizes.
DEEKS DRIVES! The most conspicuous car ever, too. Because we gotta take our jokes where we can get them, I guess.
Hetty disappears like once every two seasons and it always takes you all too damn long to track her. Plus, somehow, there’s always a moment where you’re all like: maybe she really did retire NO. This is Hetty we’re talking about.
Guns AND alcohol. What could go wrong?
Kensi being the one to get out of the car and chase the bad guy and Deeks just being like go get them tiger will never fail to give me a warm fuzzy feeling. #Relationshipgoals.
“You know what I do when I don’t know? I ask.” I feel like this is a little secret we gotta let a lot of shows in on.
“What could push a man to go that far?” COME ON, WHY DID IT TAKE YOU ALL SO LONG TO GET TO FAMILY?
Mosley sure went MIA in the middle of everything. Hmmmm.
Everyone always confesses. Always.
Also, either husband knew and gets arrested or he didn’t and he doesn’t get the cuffs. We can’t have both.
The Porsche story-line is silly at best, but this was a good episode, so I’m just going to forget about that. Yup. Memory wiped.

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