Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Manifest, Chicago Fire, Heels, Grey’s, The Flash, The Rookie, Magnum P.I. and More

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Manifest, Chicago Fire, Heels, Grey’s, The Flash, The Rookie, Magnum P.I. and More

What big surprise did the Manifest series finale hold for one cast member? What’s the state of Chicago Fire‘s #Stellaride union? Can The Rookie sustain a blast from the past? Read on for answers to those questions plus scoop on many other shows.  (You can and should email any brand-new Qs to

Anything you can tell us about Stellaride’s future on Chicago Fire? –Gabby
Despite the distance between the husband and wife, it doesn’t seem like there’s reason to be worried at the moment. In this Wednesday’s episode, Stella mentions to Casey that Severide is still in Alabama, but there’s no tension or concern attached to it.

Am I crazy or was there a hint at something between Carver and Violet on the latest Chicago Fire? Any plans to explore that? –Ashley
We were wondering the same thing in our TV Questions column a couple weeks ago, and after viewing a screener for this week’s episode, we’re starting to feel very confident that we are not reading too much into Carver and Violet’s scenes together.

Any scoop on The Company You Keep‘s Emma and Charlie? –Adriana
Charlie isn’t the only one getting in on the undercover fun! “I mean, there’s an entire department of the CIA devoted to disguises…. Emma will have her chance,” Emma’s portrayer, Catherine Haena Kim, teases. “You’ll get to see her start working in the field more in the back half of the season.”

Flash 8x03

Will we get any name drops of anybody from Black Lightning in this final season of The Flash? –Nick C.
Probably not. When I asked your question of Grant Gustin during his visit to TVLine, he said, “I was just thinking about that. Like, why didn’t we have [Black Lightning star] Cress [Williams return]? He’s another one I love working with.” Grant then hypothesized, “It’s funny — the people we couldn’t get for whatever reasons, I think we avoided talking about, so people wouldn’t go, ‘Where is that person?’” (Gustin answers many more TVLine reader Qs in the video above.)

Any scoop on Wally’s return to The Flash? –Anna
I have seen Wally’s return (in the final season’s ninth episode, airing April 26), and I have to say, it is far more substantial than I anticipated, with some really nice work by Keiynan Lonsdale.

Can I get updates on The Flash, please. I’m a huge fan. –Captain Nano
When Stephen Amell guest-stars in Episode 9 (airing April 26), keep your ears peeled for a fun nod to how long Arrow and The Flash each ran on The CW.

Manifest Final Season

The wait for Manifest‘s final episodes is killing us. Anything to tide fans over? –Dee
This may not tide you over so much as tease you good, but…. On the final day of filming, one of the original cast members was surprised to be handed a big ol’ monologue that wasn’t in the original script, which plays over the supernatural-tinged family drama’s emotional closing moments. (And by all accounts, said cast member crushed it with the last-minute assignment.)

Any update on the Alien series on FX? Is that still a go? –Kevan
Very much so. As FX chief John Landgraf recently shared, Noah Hawley is in “active preproduction” of the first season of Alien, having written the scripts and met with his production designer. “So that’s gearing up for production this year,” Landgraf said, after Hawley completes shooting Fargo Season 5.

What’s coming up for 9-1-1: Lone Star‘s Grace and Judd? –Carlynn
They will continue to prove that they are one of drama’s strongest couples, though Judd will fear for Grace’s safety when she personally gets involved in a 9-1-1 call (and teams up with Carlos again).

CSI Vegas Greg

We need way more Greg Sanders on CSI: Vegas, stat. I loved his scenes last week, but they were way too short. –Joules
Greg’s “soft” reintroduction last week was partly due to that episode’s highly emotional A-story. “It was a juggling act” to bring back Greg (played by CSI vet Eric Szmanda) under those circumstances, CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker, who co-wrote that episode, confessed to me. “I didn’t expect to launch him in that episode — it was sort of like the ball kind of fell in my court on that one — [but] I think it all worked out.” Greg/Szmanda will be seen again in the episodes airing April 13 and May 4.

Do you have a date for the Blue Bloods episode with Larry Manetti from [the original] Magnum, P.I.? Also, he’s supposed to also reprise his Hawaii Five-0 role on the Magnum reboot. Do you have that date, too? –Sara
Manetti pops up on Blue Bloods on Friday, April 21. His Magnum encore, however, has yet to be booked: Bonus scoop: NCIS alumna Sarah Jane Morris will appear in the April 16 episode of Magnum P.I. in a small role that, I hear, will be the topic of much conversation.

Heels CM Punk

Can we get ANY tease for Heels?? — Victoria
I was sure to ask Stephen Amell about Season 2 of the Starz wrestling drama (arriving this summer), after talking to him about his upcoming visit to The Flash. He shared that “we definitely have CM Punk more involved” in Season 2, as DWL wrestler Ricky Rabies. Amell also teased that when(ever) the Season 2 trailer drops, “you’ll see two very familiar faces, one of which I think Arrow fans will be very excited about.”

When do we start to see Gotham Knights‘ Harvey crack, and see his “other side” peek through? –Nicki
That first hint of his “second face,” as it were, comes in this Tuesday’s episode, after the DA makes an unsettling discovery that… well, we are not allowed to tease that moment any further.

Do you have any scoop on Grey’s Anatomy’s Lucas and Simone? –Trice
We brought your Q to showrunner Krista Vernoff at PaleyFest, and this was her response: “What I’m going to say is that Lucas and Simone have a bumpy ride ahead of them. But in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, there’s so much there between them that it’s impossible to ignore.” Niko Terho, who plays Lucas, was himself pretty tight-lipped about what’s ahead, though he did offer, “I don’t think the fans will be disappointed, that’s for sure.”

Rookie ISabel Mircea Monroe

Any #Chenford scoop after the latest The Rookie promo shows Isabel coming back needing to talk? –Emily
The resurfacing of Tim’s ex (played by Mircea Monroe), as you are likely supposing, will put some pressure on Chenford’s relationship. (Among other things, the former narc’s presence serves as a reminder that her undercover work is why Bradford’s first marriage didn’t work. And Lucy has been going UC more and more….)

This question “dogs” viewers of FBI: International: Whatever happened to Tank, the team’s four-legged canine mascot? He’s barely been seen at all this year. –Aaron
I hear you barking, and thus am happy to report that Tank, the giant schnauzer/Forrester’s protection dog played by Green, will return in the Season 2 finale airing Tuesday, May 23.

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