Kitchen Nightmares heads to Bask 46 in episode 2 and this gastropub needs help

For the second episode of the new Kitchen Nightmares, chef Gordon Ramsay is heading to Bask 46, a Gastropub in New Jersey that’s only been opened for six months. And even before Ramsay steps foot in this restaurant, we already know that they need help. They admit it themselves.

However, as soon as Gordon Ramsay sits down in this restaurant, and has to scan a QR code to get the menu, and the menu does not come up, you know things are not going well. And it is not helped by the fact that the hostess has to then direct him to their general website in order to find a menu on his cell phone.

Once he actually places his order, he’s told that the food is all homemade, even the sauces. However, as the camera pans into the kitchen, it looks like things are coming out of cans and bottles. This is Kitchen Nightmares, so we aren’t surprised by any of this, but we are even less surprised by the reaction of the chef preparing the dishes.

Kitchen Nightmares doesn’t take long to bring the real drama as episode 2 takes us to Bask 46

Kitchen Nightmares

While we know that Gordon Ramsay can handle anything that comes his way on Kitchen Nightmares, the chef in this restaurant definitely looks like he will be a challenge, especially as Chef Bobby admits that he doesn’t know his food costs and not everything is 100 percent homemade. The real question is whether or not this kitchen is clean and up to health code standards, considering that is often an issue of these “nightmares.”

And dinner service is off to a rough start as they still don’t have a working QR code for the menu, plus the chef refuses to take any criticism. So as things get returned to the kitchen, he seems rather aggressive in his anger. Chef Bobby has no desire to listen to any of the customer complaints.

And surprisingly, when Gordon Ramsay heads into the refrigerator, he finds all the things we expect. Things are going bad in the refrigerator. Raw chicken is sitting out and unsealed. And what does Chef Bobby say when confronted? He tells Ramsay that he has cleaned the floor.

It is crystal clear that thousands of dollars of inventory/food is going to waste.

Gordon Ramsay quickly takes control and gets things moving in the right direction, getting everyone on the same page. Chef Bobby even apologized to the owner for his actions.

After a family chat, Ramsay comes back with a fresh look outside the gastropub and even a smaller menu. While things look like they are starting strong with the relaunch, Chef Bobby quickly find himself in the weeds and reverting to bad habits. And yes, raw chicken comes back to the kitchen.

However, once Gordon Ramsey talks to him, and reminds him that he hast to build up to going fast, he once again gets back into a rhythm. Overall, it was a good relaunch for Bask 46, now we can only hope that they don’t need Kitchen Nightmares again.

According to the two month update, Chef Bobby never returned to the kitchen. After the relaunch, he instead announced his retirement from the restaurant industry on his social media. And yet, it still sounds like Bask 46 is continuing to grow and thrive.

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