Is Kara Killmer leaving Chicago Fire?

Is Kara Killmer leaving Chicago Fire?

This is a big one. Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) has been positioned as one of the main characters on Chicago Fire since her debut. Her romance with Casey (Jesse Spencer) was among the most loved on the show, and Casey’s departure was so tough because we were seeing it through her eyes.

It seems like Casey being gone is still taking its toll. In the latest episode of Chicago Fire, titled “The Missing Piece”, Brett cries and admits that she’s been having a difficult time since Casey moved to Portland.

The concern most fans have, of course, is whether or not Brett is going to be leaving the show. Well, here’s what we know so far.

Does Sylvie Brett leave Chicago Fire?

In the long term, the answer is no. Brett is not going to be leaving Chicago Fire for good, nor is she handing over the reins to a new character, as was previously theorized. Showrunner Derek Haas has spoken at length about Brett and Casey’s romance, and has made it clear that he has plans to continue it for the foreseeable future.

Given that Casey is already gone, it would be impossible to maintain the romance if Brett also left the show. That being said, Brett did say that she plans to take some time off work so that she can go visit Casey, which serves as a pretty notable hint of things to come.

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Kara Killmer will more than likely miss a few episodes while her character is visiting Casey. It’s unclear whether this was a decision made on the part of the writers and showrunners as a means of freeing up screen time for other characters, or a request on the part of the actress.

The One Chicago team has made it clear that they will accommodate the lives and schedules of their actors, as evidenced by Chicago Med and their recent handling of Brian Tee. Though, in the case of Tee, the absence was clearly explained by his involvement with another TV series.

It’s less clear as to why Killmer would request time off, if she did in fact do so. There was a fan theory recently circulating that the actress is pregnant, which would definitely make sense, given the seeming amount of time she will be MIA, but there’s been no evidence to support this claim.

So while its looking very likely that Brett will be taking a few episodes off, fans can rest assured that the character and Killmer are not leaving the show for good.

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