Is Chicago Fire back with new episodes in December 2022?

Is Chicago Fire back with new episodes in December 2022?

With the cliffhanger ending to the last episode, we’re ready for more Chicago Fire season 11. There’s some bad news for those wanting more episodes in 2022.

Based on the promo, we had an idea how the previous episode of Chicago Fire would end. It was the fall finale, after all. We had to get some major cliffhanger that would leave us with questions going into the winter premiere.

It being the fall finale will tell you one thing. There isn’t going to be another episode in December 2022. The previous episode was the last one of this year, and we need to wait until January for new episodes. The good news is NBC has told us how long the wait will be. Do we have details about the episode, though?

Chicago Fire season 11 return date in 2023
Back in November, NBC shared that the entire One Chicago lineup will return on Wednesday, Jan. 4. The lineup is running the same as it has the last few years. We’ll get Med at 8 p.m. ET/PT and then Fire and PD in the later timeslots.

Chicago Fire will return with answers to the cliffhanger. The last we saw, the grenade went off. Kidd and Carver were still in the house at the time, but it did look like the two were able to get cover before it went off. The same can’t be said for Detective Pryma.

We’re sure to go into the episode with Severide frantic that his wife was in the house. We’ll also likely see Mouch feeling terrible. He made it clear that as the eldest member of the team, he should be the one to go in. He may feel guilty until he sees that both Kidd and Carver got out.

There are no signs Miranda Rae Mayo is leaving. The big question mark is over Jake Lockett’s head. He’s still only a recurring guest star. Will we see him promoted to series regular, or is this it? Considering there’s still clearly more to come with Emma Jacobs, I’m sure that Carver is going to make it out alive.

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