Gordon Ramsay’s daughter admits (to her father) that she prefers her mother’s cooking

The confession took place during a TikTok challenge… in front of her father. Oops.
The famous chef Gordon Ramsay, eminently media-oriented and also very present on the social networks Instagram (10.4 million subscribers) and Twitter (7.4 million subscribers), recently landed on TikTok, where he already has nearly 17 million subscribers and sometimes appears with his 19-year-old daughter Matilda.
A few days ago, the young woman was back on Gordon Ramsay’s TikTok for a challenge whose principle is simple: choose between two difficult propositions and respond to a dilemma. For example, going out or staying at home; spicy or plain food; quality or low-end wine; or even little dishes from mom or dad…

The questions are numerous and the answers very instructive. We learn that among the Ramsays, the British chef’s cooking is not unanimously appreciated at home, too complex and convoluted it seems, Matilda preferring that of her mother.

Matilda, or “Tilly” as she calls herself, also cooks. In 2017, she released a cookbookTilly’s Kitchen Takeoverwith sixty of his own recipes, and had his own cooking showMatilda and the Ramsay Bunchon the BBC children’s channel. The next generation is underway.

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