Everybody Loves Raymond: The Most Popular Actors Ranked By Instagram Followers

While Everybody Loves Raymond has been off the air for over 15 years, it’s still considered a staple of sitcoms. It has many hallmarks of the genre from the late 90s as it focuses on a middle-class family that many real people can relate to. While the show has been finished for many years, it still has a strong fan base, and some of the actors are still well-known while others never did much after the show went off the air.

It’s also important to note that many of the main actors and actresses from the series have passed away. Doris Roberts, who played Marie Barone, passed away in 2016 while Peter Boyle, who played Frank Barone, passed away in 2006. They were both rather iconic stars who are still missed by fans everywhere. However, many of the main cast members are on Instagram.

Ray Romano: No public social media

Ray Romano as Ray Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray Romano is definitely the most famous actor from the series, and he also played the main character of Ray Barone. Ray Romano has acted in many television series since and is still a household name for many Americans. However, the actor notably doesn’t have any social media at all. While some stars are on one platform but not another, Romano doesn’t have any public social media accounts. Fans definitely wish he did as he’s such a noted comedian.

Andy Kindler: 1,679 followers

Andy Kindler might not be the most recognizable name to fans of the series, but they probably know him as Andy, Ray Barone’s co-worker, and friend. Funnily enough, both actor and character have the same first name. Andy Kindler is a comedian, and while he might not have that many followers, he has had a successful career. He contributed to The Daily Show in the past. Andy posts selfies as well as pictures from his daily life.

Madylin Sweeten: 7,552 followers

One interesting thing about the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond is that all of the children were played by kids from the same family. So, Ray and Debra’s kids were actually related in real life. While the twin boys Sawyer and Sullivan don’t have public profiles, Madylin, who played Ally, is on Instagram.

Her page feels very down-to-earth as she mostly posts things from her daily life including selfies, pet pictures, and photos of her partner. Her Instagram posts are just her going about her life without a filter.

Monica Horan Rosenthal: 20.9k followers

While Amy might not have been one of the main cast members at first, she is a very memorable one. She became a staple of the show in later seasons after the character married Robert, and she provided a little stability to the otherwise chaotic Barone family. Monica Horan Rosenthal has a good number of followers, and she’s also married to the creator of Everybody Love Raymond, Phil Rosenthal. She posts many pictures of herself, her husband, and her family, and even the occasional throwback photo from the series.

Brad Garrett: 44.3k followers

The series wouldn’t have been nearly as good or well-loved without Robert Barone, and while he might have been jealous of his brother, he was a hilarious character because of his insecurities. Brad Garrett has a large chunk of followers on Instagram, and he’s still best known for this role.

Brad posts a lot of pictures of himself and is also rather active in posting about social causes he believes in. He definitely uses Instagram as a platform to promote and spread awareness for things he feels are important.

Patricia Heaton: 187k followers

Other than Ray, Debra is the most well-known character from Everybody Loves Raymond, and many people will recognize Patricia Heaton right away. After the series ended, she also starred as another mom for many years on the sitcom, The Middle. She keeps things varied on her Instagram account by posting selfies, cooking pictures, and a lot of throwback photos of the cast. Fans of the series definitely enjoy seeing all of her posts talking about the experience of playing Debra.

Phil Rosenthal: 270k followers

While Phil Rosenthal wasn’t an actor for the series, he was the creator and showrunner, and he also has the most followers of any of the people involved with Everybody Loves Raymond. He often posts pictures with his wife, Monica, along with many other pictures of family members and daily life. He also often posts about his food documentary, Somebody Feed Phil, and he shows behind-the-scenes moments as he tries cuisine around the world.

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