‘Chicago Fire’: Sylvie Actor Kara Killmer Won’t Be Leaving the Show

‘Chicago Fire’: Sylvie Actor Kara Killmer Won’t Be Leaving the Show

As Chicago Fire continues its 11th season, viewers are wondering what the fate of paramedic Sylvie Brett will be. She has a story arc built to provide a clean exit for the character. That season 10 subplot had some fans convinced that Sylvie, played by Kara Killmer, might not be a part of Chicago Fire for the long haul.
Will Sylvie become as prominent as she was in previous seasons? Or is Killmer the latest main cast member to say goodbye to the long-running firehouse drama for good?

Fans worried that Killmer might be leaving ‘Chicago Fire’

Chicago Fire fans were unhappy to see Spencer, one of the few original cast members left, leave the One Chicago franchise. Seeing Killmer sidelined throughout much of season 10 understandably led to speculation on her status with the series, as well.

Hello Magazine reports that fans were vocal about wanting to see more of Sylvie. But when the character was sent to Portland to live with Matthew, the situation seemed like it might be a done deal. As much as viewers didn’t want to see it, her storyline seemed to come to a natural close.

“I will take some time off from CF; see you when Brett returns,” one fan wrote, with many others echoing that sentiment. However, it looks like these longtime One Chicago viewers might have something to be happy about. Sylvie’s durability as a character was strong before she finally got romantic with Matthew. And she certainly seems to have a place within the current direction of Chicago Fire.

Will Killmer stay with ‘Chicago Fire’?

Season 11 ramped up Sylvie’s ties to the series, seeding new plots along the way. There were hints that Killmer never intended to leave Chicago Fire for good. Unlike other castmates, who did interviews explain their reasons for leaving, Killmer never did. FanSided reports that Sylvie is back to being an independent figure, with plenty of story hooks coming to re-integrate her into the main cast.

But there’s one massive caveat to all of the assertions above. This is, after all, Chicago Fire. From the beginning, this has been a show where the main cast members are at risk. And said risks aren’t always as open-ended as sending a character off to live in Portland. Sylvie’s new lease on life — and Killmer’s ongoing role on the show — could end at any time.
There is still a big season 11 finale to contend with. While Sylvie signals all the signs of being back to regular rotation on the show again, fans should hold their breath until the season comes to a close.

Kara Killmer missed some episodes in 2022

Sylvie wasn’t seen too often throughout season 10 of Chicago Fire. Her boyfriend, firefighter Matthew Casey (played by Jesse Spencer), was written off the show. Spencer, an 18-year network television veteran by that point, was simply ready to focus on his family. Unfortunately for fans of the One Chicago shows, that meant losing an original cast member and fan-favorite character.

It also put another fan-favorite cast member’s character at risk. Season nine ended with Matthew and Sylvie consummating their will-they-won’t-they relationship. That ended an arc that started back in season three. Sylvie’s on-screen momentum was so tied to her relationship with Matthew that all signs pointed to her being written off as well.

NBC reports that Spencer’s absence from the set meant a long-distance relationship for the characters in the 10th season. That also meant less screen time for Killmer since Sylvie was sidelined from the main plotlines of the show.

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