Chicago Fire season 11: Chicago Fire boss: Brett has ‘a lot going on’ in season 11

Chicago Fire boss: Brett has ‘a lot going on’ in season 11

The lives of Chicago Fire characters are complicated. In addition to the issues that plague a normal person, they have to contend with life-threatening situations on a daily basis. Someone like Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) may not have time to pursue the things that someone with a more standard job would be able to.

Brett has been a vital part of Fire since she joined the show, but there’s been a notable downshift with her character since Casey (Jesse Spencer) left. It’s clear that she’s still figuring out how to move on, and is content taking more of a supporting role in the lives of her co-workers.

Well, according to Fire showrunner Andrea Newman, that’s going to change.

Who is Brett dating on Chicago Fire?
Newman told TV Line that the character will have “a lot going on” when the show returns in 2023, and that there will be more of an emphasis on her than ever before. Part of the emphasis will have to do with the fact that she’s entering a new relationship with Dylan.

While things initially seemed innocuous between Brett and Dylan, it’s clear that they have a strong connection, and could possibly enter into something serious. It would be a major sign of growth, given how difficult a time Brett has had getting over Casey.

The downside of having “a lot going on”, unfortunately, is that Casey still very much occupies a part of Brett’s heart, and will potentially stop her from making a romantic commitment to another person. Newman highlighted this conflict when asked what fans can expect:

“[She’s] going to have a lot of fun with Dylan”, she explained. “But there’s always the lingering question of: Was Casey the love of her life? And will that make it impossible to move on?”

These are big questions to navigate, and will no doubt lead to some serious moments of self reflection for the character. Hopefully she arrives at the conclusion that’s best for her.

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