Blue Bloods Showrunner Promises No Jamie & Eddie Baby Drama Anytime Soon

Blue Bloods Showrunner Promises No Jamie & Eddie Baby Drama Anytime Soon

Unfortunately, the characters of Blue Bloods never got the memo that one should never mix business with pleasure. The police drama is quietly emerging as one of the best shows on CBS, especially considering the announcement that NCIS: Los Angeles is ending after 14 seasons.

Of course, there are always requests from fans regarding aspects they would like to get incorporated into the show. By now, viewers have witnessed Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko evolve from conflicting work partners to on-screen lovers. Jamie (Will Estes) is no longer capable of denying his feelings for Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and vice versa. As a result, the two characters finally make it official at the end of season nine.

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Blue Bloods is currently enjoying its 13th season, which means some time in the show has transpired between when Jamie and Eddie got married and the present timeline. For this reason, fans have been advocating for more coverage of the two characters, including what is going on behind the scenes when they are not taking care of business serving the NYPD.

After all, it’s only fair that fans predict Eddie will give birth to a son or daughter soon. However, the show has responded by ignoring the subject, something that showrunner Kevin Wade was recently approximately about during a chat with Pop Culture.

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According to Wade, the creative team has not seriously pursued the idea of Jamie and Eddie having children because it would disrupt the natural flow and progression of the show. Wade makes a valid point when he explains that police procedure would force Eddie to be sidelined by the pregnancy.

Therefore, she would get reassigned to a desk job which would require the show to create a new partner for Jamie. And, that’s just something that Wade does not want to entertain.

Wade is correct that audiences may desire Eddie and Jamie to have kids, but it also “handicaps” the story. however, the showrunner also responded in the same interview that he hasn’t dismissed the idea altogether. Consequently, fans of Blue Bloods may witness a new baby if they are patient long enough.

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After all, it makes sense that Jamie and Eddie eventually have children. Eddie comes from a large Irish-Catholic family, and his siblings already have kids. Notwithstanding, it will probably take near the conclusion of Blue Bloods for Wade to consider wrapping up the storyline.

Blue Bloods has transformed into one of the more shows on CBS. What’s more, there is no sight of an end, which means the creators will need to continue and drum up new concepts in the future. Surely it makes sense at some point for a show that explores both the personal and professional life of law enforcement to eventually reward the couple with a happy ending. Here’s hope for the best.

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